(Manitoba, Canada) I was in a band with some friends and I wrote the majority of the music. The other members of the band kicked me out and are continuing to use the lyrics and songs I wrote.

(Manitoba, Canada) I was in a band with some friends and I wrote the majority of the music. The other members of the band kicked me out and are continuing to use the lyrics and songs I wrote.
So long story short I was in a band with a bunch of my buddies and I wrote pretty well the majority of the lyrics. One of our songs I guess you could say is the “single” of the album. Everyone loves the one song and even when we wrote it, the producer who helped us mix it said it was “gonna be a hit” (Picture the jewish recording dudes in “Walk Hard” lol)Well long story short, they booked a last minute gig even though I had told them I had prior arrangements well before the gig. They basically said ‘I guess we will have to find a new drummer” and they posted on our facebook page basically saying I had decicded to leave to “persue other things” (which is utter bullshit) and thus, I was kicked out.Anyways, so we had a bunch of unreleased stuff and now since kicking me out they have used a bunch of material that I co-wrote/wrote on new albums.I also had invested in a $4,000 electronic drumkit which we made payments on monthly and that money is basically down the drainI don’t want to sue the hell out of them but what are my options here?
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[Lyric Tropes] Dreams

[Lyric Tropes] Dreams
In finding titles for the [RCASA] posts I’ve been noticing that many of them mention dreams. I’m sure all this means is that that dreams are a very common song trope, but it’s still interesting to me. So in case it is to someone else too, here they are.R.E.M. – Losing My Religion “But that was just a dream That was just a dream.”Tears for Fears – Mad World “And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”Miike Snow – Animal “And I stopped dreaming now I’m supposed to fill it up with something. Something, something.”Adele – Skyfall “For this is the end. I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment.”Dusty Springfield – Spooky “Just like a ghost, you’ve been a-hauntin my dreams So now i know, you’re not what you seem.”And Poppy used the trope herself on Chewing Gum: “My life feels like a dream Now that he’s on my team.”
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in awe (not a music expert by any means)

in awe (not a music expert by any means)
I just discovered Grantchester Meadows – Pink Floyd, 1969.The lyrics are poignant, brillant, elegant and pristinely English. The vocals are simple and low, mellow, peaceful, zen-like and the instrumentals are simple, acoustic. They impart the image of the gently flowing river which is depicted as the “river of green… sliding unseen beneath the trees”.If you already know this work, what are your thoughts? If you’ve never heard it, listen to it.
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Recovered a deleted Sum 41 13 Voices album review

Recovered a deleted Sum 41 13 Voices album review
This was originally posted to reddit, but was promptly deleted shortly after on both the reddit post and the website source. I’ll respect anyone’s request to take it down once again, but here it is. ALL CREDITS GO TO: Thomas Jackson from The Upside News “A Murder Of Crows (You’re All Dead To Me)’ is the intro to the album. It has a slow pace which builds to violins and a progressive drum beat comparable to the intro of a suspenseful film. There’s a mystery throughout this introduction to what direction Sum 41 are going to take and how will this new Sum 41 in 2016 sound? The whole song has a slow tempo and mainly sets up the next song.” ‘Goddamn I’m Dead Again’ kicks off into a guitar and vocal combination that is straight away reminiscent of Chuck. The first half of the song has everything you expect from a Sum 41 song, a catchy verse, fast paced chorus, heavy punk guitars in the intro and a mini guitar solo to split up verses. As you think it comes to the end of the song there’s a three-second pause. This then goes into a massive face melting Metallica-esque duelling guitar solo. But wait there’s more, this solo lasts for over one minute featuring high pitched partnered harmonies presumably by Baksh and Thacker. The last minute of this song is experimental, completely different and f#$king amazing. Perhaps the best song on the album for that second half alone. ‘Fake My Own Death’ was a great choice for first single. It has just enough experimentation to tease fans with the new Sum 41, but is still nostalgic and relatable enough to not worry anyone. ‘Breaking The Chain’ should have been the second single instead of ‘War’. It’s a slow paced soft song, which makes use and fully introduces violins to the Sum 41 sound. It has a catchy, easy chorus that is eerily familiar to Screaming Bloody Murder, so much so, the first half sounds like a song that didn’t make the cut for the album. However, the second half sounds like the band got together and remixed it with the new Sum 41 style. It eventually picks up into another high pitched melodic riff that fades out back into the minimalist, soft verse. Only to go into one final chorus that is heavier and progressively more impactful than the choruses before. The final twenty seconds are joined by a guitar that has a Linkin Park epic feel to it, these small pieces are easily the standout of the album and are such a tiny adjustment that make a gigantic impact. ‘There Will Be Blood’ screams Underclass Hero immediately. It has a hauntingly themed verse that is accompanied by eerie ‘la la las’ which goes into a chorus shouting “we’ll take the souls of the littles ones, and that might be you!” It sounds familiar and seems to be a nod to ‘The Jester’ on Underclass Hero. This song seems to give a Halloween theme and a sinister sound, which works really well and is a fun foot tapping song.‘13 Voices’ is another song with a slow progressive instrumental build that moves into one of the biggest and best riffs of the album. This pace slows back down to Deryck’s verse that sounds similar to the previous title track ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’ from the last album. The vocals use a carnival/circus effect similar to how one would imagine a man shouting into a megaphone saying “ladies and gentleman step right up”. The chorus is catchy and a classic Sum 41, however, the real standout is the first instrumental minute. ‘War’, why did they use this song as the second single? Perhaps because it’s a bit more radio friendly? Regardless, it’s a good song with an amazing guitar riff that gives more Linkin Park vibes. This song follows the progressive pattern of the album and once again builds to the last minute of the song that is full of new guitar sounds and a generic pleasure inducing riff. Compared to the rest of the album and previous soft Sum 41 songs this isn’t a standout. ‘God Save Us All (Death To POP)’ has a distinctive sound compared to the rest of the album. It sounds like Sum 41 but can’t be pinpointed to a previous album. Deryck’s vocals in the chorus are accompanied by another nu metal lead guitar riff. Another instrumental highlight is the chunky metal bridge out of the half-way point’s chorus. There’s something about these guitar tones within the album that add such a new influence to the album that somehow gives a nostalgic sound from the mid-2000’s from different bands, yet is new and modernised within Sum 41. ‘The Fall And The Rise’ gives a throwback to early Sum 41 with Deryck rapping in the verses. It’s nice to hear such an old school influence from the band being morphed into their modern day sound. The song continues with a chorus that is unfortunately not rapped, but continues with this epic and monumental tone with vocals and guitar. ‘Twisted By Design’ is the final song/outro to the album. It starts off slow and as always with Deryck it has lyrical depth and emotion. This slowly blossoms into an emotionally heavy chorus with the hauntingly relevant lyrics, “They say the fire in your heart is gone, but I say it’s really only just begun, and all alone you know that I’m, twisted by design.” This seems to be Deryck’s most emotional and personal song heard in a long time. It’s a beautiful song to end the album on and if Sum 41 never wrote another album, it would be a perfect end.” I will repeat again, if you request this to be removed, I will remove it. Thank you.
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