How many times have the lyrics songs go into the episode score? (Minor V4 CH1 Spoilers)

How many times have the lyrics songs go into the episode score? (Minor V4 CH1 Spoilers)
The first I can remember this happening was during the Team FNKI fight. “This Will Be the Day” and “Iburn” jazz versions. Then when Yang sees the cam footage of Mercury “Iburn” plays again. “From Shadows” plays during the talk between Yang and Blake during V3 CH 8. V3 CH 10 Ruby is in shock “When it falls” plays. When Blake sees Adam “From Shadows” plays again in V3 CH 10, and then during most the confrontation between them in V3 CH11 “From Shadows” still plays. Volume 4 Ch1 at the very beginning interestingly enough “Lusus Naturae” plays (Merlot one day in the show?). “Divide” plays when Salem is present. “Mirror Mirror Part 2” plays when we see Weiss. Any that I missed?
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[M4F] If you gave me back those years, I’d do it all better I swear

[M4F] If you gave me back those years, I’d do it all better I swear
As she walked to the clinic, those lyrics kept echoing through her head. Instead of being wistful, pleading for something impossible… she was going to live it. She was going back. She’d be a kid again, able to have all those first experiences… of course, she’d be knowledge wiped so she wouldn’t exactly KNOW what she had been, but she’d been assured there would be…. remnants. She would still be herself, she just wouldn’t… well, KNOW everything. She would have to learn it again.She only knew the basics… she’d be going back to (??) years old. She’d think she was- well, no, for all intents and purposes, she would BE the man’s daughter. She knew it was all an elaborate crock- legally, she’d still be her current age, so age of consent laws wouldn’t apply… but no one would know that, least of all her.She mulled it all over in her head again and again until they called her in. It would be good. She’d have a family this time. Her scars would be gone, and…. and she’d be pretty. She’d get to grow up right the second time around…(So, I had this idea of a girl- an abused, scarred (physically and emotionally) girl going back and reliving childhood. She wouldn’t know about her scars after waking up, but I suppose they might… crop up in unexpected ways, if you like. PM me if this seems interesting to you!🙂 )
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Are these poems lyrics, ballads or narratives?

Are these poems lyrics, ballads or narratives?
I need to chose one of each of these poem structures to learn for my certificate in verse speaking performance. I’m wondering what categories these poems fall into – if any.In Memory of my Mother by Patrick KavanaghIn Memory of my Father by Patrick KavanaghBroken Dreams by WB YeatsLake Isle of Innisfree by WB YeatsThanks!
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Anime song help dear god

Anime song help dear god
so in the video on youtube there is a person or anime character sitting beside a stall, or either in a washroom and he’s cut, maybe bleeding but it seems depressing or sad.the song is a remix, this song is slightly faster than the original and is sang by a guy in the remix, I think the original is sang by a female.the lyrical video had red words, black screen. anyways from one part of the lyrics I remember:”hanging on a wire”or something like that. it begins quite fast, here’s my interpretation through voice ” duna duna duna, (faster) duna duna duna duna ” (i tried) please thank you for helping❤
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Does Maynard read lyrics off of a teleprompter at live shows?

Does Maynard read lyrics off of a teleprompter at live shows?
I saw Tool last Saturday night at Aftershock. They sounded perfect, and it was the best concert experience I’ve ever had. Maynard, as expected, hung out in the rear of the stage toward stage left for the whole show. I noticed that there was this weird pane of glass in between him and Danny, and it reminded me of one of those teleprompters on which you can only see the words when viewing from a certain angle. The pane of glass was directly facing Maynard and his line of sight hardly ever strayed from it when he was singing. Does anyone know anything about this? Of course, I may be mistaken, and it could have a completely different purpose. I just thought it was interesting that it resembled a teleprompter and I can’t imagine what else Maynard would need that for.
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