[TOMT][Song]Slow Goth/Metal Ballad: power chord bassline, deep male vocal, harmonic choral background

[TOMT][Song]Slow Goth/Metal Ballad: power chord bassline, deep male vocal, harmonic choral background
Here’s my very crude attempt at sequencing a bit of the bass line and the choral background, except without actual chords or harmonies: http://onlinesequencer.net/121874I have a vague sense of lyrics including bits like”All along her bedroom wall” or “Now I lay my body down” and “…and dust, upon her eyes”I remember it from the mid 90s, but it could be from the 80s, maybe a gothier song that got occasional play on the alternative rock radio stations. The vocals sound a little bit like Sisters of Mercy, but lower and rougher, and the song is much slower than most Sisters of Mercy songs I’m aware of. Please help!
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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[Table] IamA Natalie Imbruglia – Singer & Actress, AMA!

[Table] IamA Natalie Imbruglia – Singer & Actress, AMA!
Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)Date: 2015-07-31Link to submission (Has self-text)QuestionsAnswersDo you remember the first album you ever bought as a kid? The first concert you attended?The first album that I ever owned was given to me for my birthday by my father. It was vinyl and it was The Mamas and the Papas. As a very young child, I was very confused by this gift, clearly he bought it for himself and just gave it to me! But I’m grateful because it’s a pretty cool first album to have. I still remember the first time I heard those vocal harmonies, such a great band! My first concert was the U2 – Rattle and Hum tour in Sydney! Still one of my most favorite bands to see live.The music industry has changed so much in recent years, with the introduction of streaming and social media etc. Obviously as a listener, it’s great. But I’m intrigued how it all feels for the artist. So much constant exposure, instant feedback from the public (good, bad and bonkers)…does it feel completely different for you this time around compared to how music was traditionally put out in the 90s/00s?The industry is completely different now to when I started. What’s fun about it for me now is I took a break, and came back when I felt ready. It’s nice to be reminded how much I love singing. It’s also exciting to learn about everything new that’s going on with the music industry, I feel like I’m starting all over again with social media and streaming. It really is a different industry, but so much fun. Social media, for example, Instagram, has given me a way to connect with my fans and give them an insight into my life that I wasn’t able to before.Hi Natalie! Which song(s) that you’ve written are you most proud of. Also, which do you love performing the most?I would say all of the songs on my 2nd album, White Lilies Island, because I had to come back after having such a hit with “Torn”, it was quite challenging going into the studio after that. I’m really proud of my work on that album and I’m looking forward to writing new material once male is finished.Hey Natalie! In one of your youtube videos, you talked about having some writer’s block and that you wrote material with Caroline Brook. Can we expect to see a new album of original songs any time soon?How bizarre…I was just responding to her on Instagram! For sure I am writing some new material with Caroline and some other songwriters in London. The vibe we’ve got going on is really good and if I could split myself in 2, I’d be writing right now! But album promo first…I hope to have new material out later next year!Hello. Please answer some of my question. It’s my biggest wish. Who was joke childhood hero and why? – what is your all time favourite song? – which tattoo means the most to you and why? – how would you describe yourself in one word? – what inspires you the most? – what is your favourite color? – will you have m&g tickets for your gigs? Thanks so much X.I didn’t have a childhood hero, but Elvis was my first crush. I love all of my tattoos because they’re so personal and each reminds me of a moment in my life. Traveling inspires me, I’m always meeting people and being put in new situations. My favorite color is blue! For the Simply Red tour dates I will find out about meet & greets, keep an eye on my website!Hey. Will you release Male as cd format in Europe? And what do you love the most about your fans?Male will be out in Europe on August 21st! Maybe I’m biased, but I think I have the nicest fans out there. Patient and incredibly supportive! People are kind on my social media feed, which I really appreciate.How did u like filming johnny english? a friend of mine worked on the set and said u were awesome. lol they also said u accidentally kicked a stuntman in the balls.HAHAHA I do remember that!! I felt so bad!! I’m happy to say, he was fine…after a few minutes…hours…Such a great film, so happy I got to work with Rowan Atkinson. The whole experience was such fun and we finished shooting in Monaco, which was a treat.Yeah my friend said u were one of the nicest stars they ever worked with. although i have to wonder how u accidentally hit him there…lol don’t they wear cups or something?I think he was wearing protection! I have a black belt in Karate HAHA ;)You make very different types of music, but would you ever like to work with fellow Aussie Kylie Minogue? Do you have a favourite Kylie song?Kylie is a great friend and an incredible artist. I truly love all of her music, but Step Back In Time has always been a favorite. And I love her new album, Kiss Me Once, especially “Into The Blue”.The other day on I was listening to the radio, and the DJ started mentioned albums coming out this week. He mentioned yours and then only said “she was one of those singers from the ’90’s where you could never tell if she was hot or not. Maybe she would have been if she wore different clothes and shaved her armpits”. How do you feel that you (or female musicians/singers in general) would be critiqued more for your looks than the quality/content of your music?HAHAHAHA loving the armpit comment, just for the record, I shave my armpits!! Gotta have a sense of humor in this business or you won’t get far! When I was younger, I did get frustrated with journalists always focusing on how I look or what I’m wearing. But with age comes wisdom and now it’s water off a ducks back. I focus on the music and my love of singing, and the rest doesn’t bother me.Hi Natalie! I wanted to say thank you, your music has inspired me in a very positive way, thanks to it I understood that there was a way to express all this things that I just couldn’t express before, this way was music. White lilies island was the record that changed my life and I will always be thankful to you for that. That record help me to start composing music and I’m happy about that. I hope one day we could collaborate. Thanks for your music Nat, keep doing what you do, you are great at it! I’m actually working on my first album, what advice could I get from you?Thank you for your kind words about White Lilies Island, it was a really important album for me as a songwriter. It was a good confidence builder. The most important thing is to be true to yourself and write from the heart, but you have to be disciplined. A very famous songwriter once told me, they would have to write 100 bad songs for a good one to come out. It’s that kind of dedication that makes a great artist! Don’t give up!What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done that you’re willing to admit to?The most embarrassing thing I’ve done is forget the lyrics to my own song on stage and had to mumble through verse 2! Bonus points if anyone has footage…What 5 things would you do (physically) if u could be a guy for a day?HAHAHA I can think of a few things I WOULDN’T have to do…like shave my legs, put on makeup, or have to answer questions about what I’m wearing…Do you mind if I get one of your lyrics tattooed on my neck? :)I don’t mind at all! Make sure you meditate on that for at least an hour before you commit! Out of curiosity, which lyric? HAHAHA.Your new covers album entirely consists of male artists, but if you had covered females as well, which song/artist would you most like to do?Good question…I’ll preface this by saying I’m not sure I could do them justice…But…Bonnie Raitt, Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, and Shawn Colvin to name a few!Is Male your last album? Is true you do not want to record another album? I am a huge fan. How can I get your autograph?Male is definitely not my last album, I’ve already started songwriting and original materials album to release next year.Are there any plans to add any US dates to your tour for Male? There are some amazing, intimate venues in NYC that would suit your voice and your music perfectly. I recently saw the singer Rumer perform at The Highline Ballroom here in NYC – would be great to see you there too ;)I’m dying to do some shows in the U.S. – my schedule is so full in Europe at the moment, but I hope to come back after that in the new year and do some shows here. I love playing intimate venues, it’s my favorite!Hi Natalie. What is your favourite song from Male and why? 🙂 Btw.. Thanks for the best night ever. You were amazing in Slovenia. Can’t wait to see you again in London. You’re such a beautiful person – inside and out <3.They are all favorites for different reasons! But if I had to choose, I'm still really enjoying the single "Instant Crush". I think the version we recorded turned out great.Hi Natalie…welcome to my city NYC 🙂 I've ordered Male – it's out for delivery RIGHT NOW, so very excited. I've loved your version of Instant Crush. Firstly, I want you to know just how much I love and still listen to your 'Counting Down The Days' album. 'On The Run' is my go-to song – just so beautiful and the lyrics are amazing – it captures the feeling perfectly. So thank you for giving me that song. Are there any plans for you to bring out your skincare range in the US? I would love to try it.Aww thank you for your kind words about Counting Down The Days, I'm really proud of that album! In the future, I plan to launch Iluka Skincare worldwide, but for now, we just want to focus on Australia as we're a new company. But the good news is, it's available worldwide online at Link to http://www.ilukaskincare.comGreat, thank you. Would be amazing to see some men's products added to the collection as your company evolves and grows… (also – love how well priced your Iluka products are!)Thank you, I intentionally made the packaging androgynous so guys can use the product and not feel embarrassed to have it on display in their bathroom!Thank you so much for your answer. Is there any song by any artist you wish you've written? And who is the artist/singer you wish to work with? I wish you all the best for new album and can't wait until 21 August ❤️ You are THE BEST! 🙂 xx.I don't wish I wrote anyone else's material…I respect their work! I would love to write with Sia, Ed Sheeran, and Bono to name a few!Last updated: 2015-07-31 23:21 UTC | Next update: 2015-08-01 00:21 UTCThis post was generated by a robot! Send all complaints to epsy.
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I’m paraphrasing, but is there a quote that goes, “Getting older means watching all of your childhood heroes die.”

I’m paraphrasing, but is there a quote that goes, “Getting older means watching all of your childhood heroes die.”
I looked online and saw a Waylon Jennings lyric, which sounds close and then there was the Wonder Years lyric, too. But I thought I remember hearing this once and realizing how sad it was.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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