Pop Punk song about a stalker

Pop Punk song about a stalker
Been trying to find this song forever. I heard it in high school and it’s catchy as hell, even though it’s pretty creepy haha. I know a good portion of the lyrics, but Google is giving me nothing. Goes like this:You think I’m going crazy, But I know my love is true. I just hope that you can see it, In the things I do for you.Voice mail picked up on two rings, When I know it’s set for three. This only makes me worry, Cause you’ve got caller ID.And what about the night before, You said you were at school? You don’t have class on Monday nights. I thought that we were cool.So I went for a drive to think About the way I feel. When I saw his care outside your house I busted his windshield.In two Cause me And you Are meant To be Why can’t You see?
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[TOMT][song] Honeymoon Song

[TOMT][song] Honeymoon Song
Ok, this may be a long shot, but it’s worth a try.I married my wife on 7-21-07. We took a cruise departing New Orleans the Monday following our wedding. In the drive to the port we heard a rap song on a local radio station and immediately loved it. It’s turned into a long running inside joke between the two of us. I’ve searched Google and YouTube and have never been able to find it. If someone knows the song or how I can get a copy of it, I am going to use it in a surprise on our anniversary this year. The song lyrics I remember are:Put your booty on me Put your booty on me Turn around lay it down And put your booty on meThanks in advanceEdit: sorry for format, mobileEdit: I think it might be a local artist night on the radio station.
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I sang/played horribly in front of 300 people.

I sang/played horribly in front of 300 people.
I’m teaching English in China at the moment, and the school that I’m at wanted me to be a judge for the English Song Competition. I bought a $38 dollar guitar here, so I thought “what the heck, I’ll sing a song, too”. I opted out to do a mic-check, and I didn’t know they didn’t have two microphones stands (one to mic the guitar and one for vocals).When it was my turn, the spotlights were heavy on my eyes. There was a girl kneeling in front of me, trying to mic the guitar. I was so nervous; everything that seemed to go wrong was going wrong. My vocals were off, I forgot lyrics, the micrphones were picking up each other’s feedback, I couldn’t properly fret the guitar, and the microphone wasn’t picking up the guitar. I just wanted to get the hell outta there.After I got off stage, there was a dark room. I ended up tripping over a student’s drum set and broke some pieces. It was not a goodWhen I got home, I didn’t want to eat or drink or do work or nothing. i was hella embarrassed. Then I got a message from my business partner, saying he was ready to do some work we had scheduled for that time. I wasn’t in the mood, but I thought “fuck it, let’s do work”.I still feel a little bit embarrassed, but I want to be pragmatic about the situation: When something shit happens to you, the shortest about of time it takes for you to feel bad about yourself, the better.Lesson learned: Next time, do a microphone check, use a better guitar, and practice were you’ll be playing.
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What’s the Chris Brown song called where he raps about wanting lots of black things?

What’s the Chris Brown song called where he raps about wanting lots of black things?
Hey,So I’m looking for a Chris Brown song, where he sings “I need a hundred black x”, so there are lines like “I need a hundred black children, a hundred black soldiers, a hundred black toasters, a hundred black tables, a hundred black priests, a hundred black coffins, I need a hundred black books” etc. As I don’t know the song title I can’t look up the actual lyrics, so these are just my best approximation from what I’ve heard. Would really appreciate help – this will also help me to find a film that I caught a little bit of on TV, too! 🙂
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Song from About Cherry and Hung s03e02

Song from About Cherry and Hung s03e02
https://soundcloud.com/mohammad-ali-hajian/million-dollar-stareIt’s the song playing in the background. These are the lyrics I’ve been able to get. I’ve searched everywhere, tried songza, even emailed HBO. :[If you wanna stay You can take what you want to I dream of us in land with your eyes and your hair You’ve got a million dollar stare that makes me
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[TOMT]Sports commercial from mid to late 2000s, looking for the song.

[TOMT]Sports commercial from mid to late 2000s, looking for the song.
I;m looking for the song from a commercial that must of aired in the late to early 2000s. It may have been an 2008 Olympics or a Nike/Under Armour commercial. I cannot recall the lyrics but, it was a kind of song you would get hype to. I do recall that the original bit from the song was originally a 30 sec bit for the commercial but, it was well received and they made a full song out of it. Please reddit your my only hope.
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