Looking for help with song/chord notation…program and format

Looking for help with song/chord notation…program and format
I’m a keyboardist. So what I’ve been using so far is binders full of women, er, songs. If I need to or want to learn a song I: open a blank Word doc, get the lyrics from azlyrics, copy/paste them into my Word doc, format the lyrics how I like them (I have a standard way I’ve done if for 15 years. It isn’t great, but it works), print off the lyrics sheet I’ve made, and use pen to write in chords and notes and whatever else I want.The problem I’m running into is I have 2 completely full binders full of women, er music, and they’re getting kinda unwieldy and I’m assuming ugly when I’m on stage.To fix this, I just bought a massive tablet. My plan was to go through all of my lyrics pages (hundreds of songs), reformat them, and add in my chords and notes on the pages themselves…again, a Word doc.The problem I’m running into very early in this process is placing chords and notes. It’s a Word document so everything goes in a line. To place chords above the lyrics, the chords have their own line and they’re separated by regular spacebar spaces. If I want to place a chord just left of the first line in a lyric because the chord is placed first, I can’t do that without indenting the lyric line, which looks terrible fast. I don’t want to get too deep into explanation but I’m sure a tiny bit of imagination will get across how limiting this Word format really is.I figured there may be a better way and decided to ask y’all. I use ultimate-guitar.com and have their app. Both are great, but don’t have every song I want, don’t allow me to change individual chords or add notes, etc. Another alternative is having jpg’s of every chord I could possibly use ie “C” “C#” “C#dim” etc etc and just click and drag them wherever I like. It’d be useful to have some program where all the chords (and blank ones for notes) are on the left side of the screen and I can just click/drag them as I like…?Since I’m a keyboardist, I need lots of notes. Which “performance” or “voice” I need, what the intro is, which “voices” I use and when, slider info, etc etc. There’s a lot of different notes I need for all of the songs/voices I need and I’m kinda lost as to the best way to proceed. I dunno. What do you guys do?
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[TOMT][song] Ska song from early-mid 90s

[TOMT][song] Ska song from early-mid 90s
Hey there.So, I feel like it’s pretty likely you wouldn’t be able to solve this one unless you’ve actually heard the song itself. I’ve already searched for the lyrics I remember and they don’t seem to be on Google. I’m pretty sure the band was not part of the mainstream Third Wave ska bands that shot up around this time period. As I recall, they were more 2 Tone influenced and I could buy their album at Sound Exchange in Austin or download their music over Napster, but they weren’t so familiar that you could bring them up in casual conversation and someone who wasn’t into ska would have heard of them.The only lyrics I remember are I think the end part of the chorus?”Excuse me, sir, [but] could you spare a little bit of that zinc oxide? I gotta [save??][cool??] my burnin’ rear!”Vocalist has a unique style and says these lines a bit goofily. I am not willing to try to record them because just … no. And if no one is putting zinc oxide on their ass, it’s not the right song.Good luck, and thanks!
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Post your top 20 Radiohead songs and compliment/insult other people’s taste.

Post your top 20 Radiohead songs and compliment/insult other people’s taste.
Since a top 10 would be too painful.1) Pyramid SongI honestly believe this is the greatest song ever written by mankind. It is one of the few songs ever written to give me religious feelings, because of the strings that echo the motif. Some people claim this song isn’t about suicide, I’m not sure if I agree just yet.I always took the hesitation of the piano to be the narrator hesitating on whether or not to kill himself, and we he finally does, the drums and piano line up because he’s made his choice.I love the little subtle bubbly sounds and sirens, they’re very ominous and remind me of aliens or a slowly unfolding apocalypse.This song inspires such fear and reverence, much like my feelings towards Allah. It’s dangerous to listen to this when stoned, because it can cause an existential crisis. It inspired me to make fan art that I’m trying to get Thom to sign some day.http://i.imgur.com/6K2Ixlo.jpg2) Dollars & CentsI love the cymbal-oriented drum sound and the buzzing guitar, it makes me feel like thinking. The vocal harmonies are really good, and I lose my shit singing, screaming, and improvising during the chorus. A lot of my favorite Radiohead songs usually cause me to do that.3) CreepEveryone can relate to this, the vocals transitioning to the guitar solo is nuts, the guitar solo is nuts, the distorted stabs are nuts, you already know. One of the last times Radiohead made honest, sincere lyrics before transitioning to abstract T.S. Eliot-isms.4) Killer CarsEvery part is so damn catchy. I love the soaring backing vocals, the bends Jonny does during “hey hey,” and the way the song comes roaring back at the end.5) Go SlowlyThe beautiful Ondes and clicking chimes.6) AirbagSounds like an interstellar lullaby. Another song to improvise and go nuts to. I think Thom understands, given his live performances of it.7) Daily MailThe pretty rock version of the Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. The climax with the stabbing horns is ridiculous. Like a fiercer Kid A/Amnesiac era track.8) No SurprisesThe harmonies and counter-melodies are perfectly arranged. Oh, and it goes perfectly with Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” lol.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYWo7vg6mYs9) ReckonerThe polyrhythm of the drums and guitar is cool, plus the wonderful breakdown of course. Iiiiin raiiinboooows. We all hope to write something this pretty someday.10) Motion Picture SoundtrackThe Disney choir and nostalgic organ is what makes it, of course. But my favorite version of this song is actually the early one with the “beautiful angel, pulled apart at birth,” verse. That song, along with True Love Waits and In the Aeroplane over the Sea, convinced me to play guitar.11) Gagging OrderThe guitar is just played perfectly. And I loved the laid-back, resigned lyrics and vocals. “A little more for breakfast, a little more for tea. Just to take the edge off…”12) Faust ArpThe string arrangements are what make it perfection. This song also induces a religious vibe in me. Maybe it’s because they sound Middle Eastern and I’m a Muslim. The lyrics just flow so quickly and perfectly. This was one of the first Radiohead songs I ever liked.13) We Suck Young BloodEvil incarnate. And I love the way the song picks up at the end.14) Last Flowers15) Fog (Again)16) The TricksterYou gotta love the way the guitar parts are stacked on each other.17) The National AnthemAnother fun song to go nuts and sing random melodies and rap over.18) 2 + 2 = 5You gotta love that breakout. This song is so creepy, and carries a lot of mystique for me, especially since I saw this video as a kid.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lstDdzedgcE19) Paranoid Android20) ???After these 19 it doesn’t really matter to me. Spectre, Jigsaw, Nude, or Kinetic are close I guess.
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