My Coldplay experience

My Coldplay experience
I just found out about this subreddit after grabbing tickets for the US show and noticed that this will many people’s first Coldplay show ever. I was at their free promo show at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles and OH MY GOD it was amazing. But before I get into that I just wanted to give a little Backstory.I am currently 19 years old and I grew up in a religious family with two older brothers. Even though we were heavily restrained on what we could listen to my brother somehow got his hands on a few of Coldplay’s cds. Whenever my parents left somewhere, he would throw one into his CD player and blast some Clocks, Talk, Fix You etc,. Well as I began to listen more I started falling in love in them with their songs and amazing guitar solos. When I began learning guitar Viva la Vida had just came out and I fell in love with it. I immediately started learning the title song on my guitar and rocked it for years to follow. I continued to learn all my favorite Coldplay songs and always enjoyed jamming them out.But unfortunately due to my parents beliefs I never had the chance to actually see them live, well until November 2015. For years I wanted my first concert to be Coldplay but since I never had the chance to I figured I’d go see another one of my favorite artists Muse. So in September of last year I purchase tickets for Muse’s show in December stoked to see them live. Then just a couple weeks later I saw on their Instagram that they were doing a free promo show in LA, with tickets being given away through KROQ. Well every hour of every day I called hoping to win. I told my brother about it as well and he began calling as well but alas November 12 came and we were without tickets. The next day my brother came to visit my family and showed me pictures and videos of the show. He had bought them off of Craigslist the last minute. I was fuming mad but he told me they postponed the main show to next week due to the events that happened and that I could come with him next week. The week that followed was the slowest week of my life. I could not believe I was going to be seeing my most favorite band ever. I spent the next week going through everyone of their songs and memorizing the lyrics to even their most obscure songs. I was SO excited.Finally Saturday arrived. I drove out to LA feeling like I was living a dream. Since I arrived early my brother and I went out to grab dinner. I was so nervous I could barely eat. Finally we drove over to the Belasco and I just wanted to get in. But alas, they weren’t accepting our tickets. Apparently the bouncers(?) they had today were different than the ones last week and had been told to allow people only who had been on the guest list, aka winners only. Well apparently plenty of people had bought tickets/ received them from friends or family because there was a HUGE line of people outside who had tickets but weren’t being let in. My brother got in the line since they said they might let some of the people in but in just 2 minutes my dreams seemed dashed. Coldplay was probably just 200 hundred feet, there was no way I was going home without seeing them. My brother was mad too because he had paid some serious money for tickets but decided our best luck was just to wait and hope they let us in.Well apparently my brother had different plans because I was talking to some girls in line, I see him duck out and walk with some service people and disappear around a corner. A minute later I received a text from him, “I’m in.” I could not believe it. I followed the same steps as him and entered right into the main floor. My mind was blown. I could not believe I was in. I found a decent spot (the theater was about half full by then) and got ready for an amazing show. A few minutes before the show started I saw the girls I was talking to come in as well. It turned that since they were live streaming the concert they wanted it to be packed to look good on camera. So either way I would’ve got in but I got a slightly better view :)Now on to the show,COLDPLAY WAS AMAZING!!!!!!LIKE OMG!! The show was just perfect. Hearing all my favorite songs just 20 feet from the band was an unforgettable experience. I sang my heart out along with the other hundred or so people there. But the best part was how intimate it was. I felt like Chris was singing with me and not to me. He and the rest of the band seemed to be having the best time of their life up there just jamming it with everyone in the audience. The artwork was definitely unique and colorful but all of it made sense. The lights and paper stars floating from the sky made it seem like I was in a dream. Their vocals were on point and Jonny’s solos had everyone jamming. Will’s drums had everyone in the air and everyone there was having an amazing time. I honestly cannot pick my favorite song out of them all but I think it’s tied between Amazing Day and Up&Up. I had recently gone through a breakup so they were just the songs I needed to hear. Every single one of their songs was just outstanding and I absolutely cannot wait to see them again this summer. Hope to see some of you guys there as well! Have an Amazing Day!
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Emo History Lesson Part 4- Midwest Emo

Emo History Lesson Part 4- Midwest Emo
Okay, this is what you’ve all been waiting for. Quick note: after today, Emo History Lesson will be going on a brief hiatus, before returning with Part 5- Emo Pop’s first wave. I’ll see you guys soon.If I Could: Midwest Emo and the Second WaveUnlikely inspiration came from three main sources, made up of ex-hardcore kids: Sunny Day Real Estate, Cap’n Jazz, and Texas Is the Reason.Sunny Day Real Estate emerged from the dreary muck of Seattle rain in the 1992 with the core trio of bassist Nate Mendel, drummer William Goldsmith, and lead guitarist Dan Hoerner. Their early material, encapsulated in the “Flatland Spider” 7”, was reminiscent of the heavy hardcore of bands like Christ on a Crutch that the band members had previously been involved in. However, when they drafted rhythm guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Enigk and recorded the Thief, Steal Me A Peach single in 1993, the band began to become a force of nature. Incorporating slower grooves, busy drumming, intricate and deeply melodic interplay between the bass and both guitars, and indie rock catchiness, Sunny Day Real Estate became one of the most inventive post-hardcore bands of the 90s. Enigk’s soaring, crooning vocal work was the icing on the cake. Sometimes indecipherable but always high-pitched and beautiful, Enigk’s singing was maybe the biggest point of inspiration for many of the second-wave emo bands. His voice was ethereal and his lyrics were known for their spirituality, melancholic figurative language, and a willingness to throw in completely made-up words for their phonic impact.In 1994, the year of Kurt Cobain’s death, Sunny Day Real Estate released Diary and almost immediately became the new biggest influence on the 90s emo scene. In a moment, Moss Icon, Indian Summer, Heroin, Portraits of Past, and all their children had become obsolete as the scene became awash in Sunny Day Real Estate clones.However, Sunny Day were not alone in creating a bracing new sound. Moving from the West Coast to the heart of the country, you had Urbana-Champaign’s Cap’n Jazz. An easy way of describing their sound would be art-punk. The hard way would be saying that they were a group of weird-ass hardcore kids (including the Kinsella Brothers, soon to be of American Football and Joan of Arc prestige, and Davey von Bohlen, later of the Promise Ring) who created incredibly energetic and catchy but fractured and chaotic punk rock with off-key, yowling vocals and intricate, twinkly guitar work. Their lyrics made zero sense, and they had an odd habit of throwing offbeat horn instruments like wurlitzers into their songs, but there’s no doubt that Cap’n Jazz were incredibly inventive. They put out a flurry of underappreciated singles and compilation appearances, but they only recorded one album, in 1995. Usually referred to as Shmap’n Shmazz for the sake of brevity (the official title is deep breath Burritos, Inspiration Point, Fork Balloon Sports, Cards in the Spokes, Automatic Biographies, Kites, Kung Fu, Trophies, Banana Peels We’ve Slipped On and Egg Shells We’ve Tippy-Toed Over. Jesus Christ), it is usually described as the emo equivalent of the first Velvet Underground album; nearly no one bought it, but every single person who did started a band. All of their material was later collected on the essential Analphabetapolothology.Meanwhile, in New York, Anti-Matter Magazine editor and guitarist Norman Brannon had just exited the Hare Krishna-oriented straight edge hardcore band Shelter, and his drummer friend Chris Daly had also left the Krishnacore band 108. They also drafted the former bassist for Fountainhead, Scott Winegard. Norman wanted Garrett Klahn as a vocalist and guitarist in the band from the beginning, but he wasn’t able to join until his band Copper decided to kick him out. They named themselves Texas Is the Reason, after a line in the Misfits song “Bullet.”Texas were a complete anomaly. Their members were veterans of incredibly mosh-oriented, straight-edge, metallic hardcore bands who were known for preaching direct, unambiguous messages (Shelter’s lyrics read more like argumentative essays than poetry). The music that Texas Is the Reason played, however, was sensitive and powerful without being heavy, with spacey song titles that doubled as oblique references (“A Jack with One Eye,” a Twin Peaks shout-out) or confusing non-statements (“If It’s Here When We Get Back, It’s Ours”). The riffs were gentle yet urgent, with a sweeping quality to them, upheld by the flowing drums and propulsive bass. Klahn’s magnetic vocal work was also a huge draw. Texas sounded like hardcore and indie rock finally had the baby they were meant to. In 1996, they released Do You Know Who You Are? to great acclaim and were even courted by majors. However, the pressure they were under caused them to break up, and thus became even more legendary.This trio of bands inspired a huge glut of copycats who incorporated the soft/loud dynamic of the original emo bands with the gentle touch and croon of Sunny Day, the twinkly guitar and off-key boyish vocals of Cap’n Jazz, and the powerful, catchy riffs of Texas.Less well-known, but surprisingly early in the game, were Caulfield Records flagship band Sideshow, who were releasing emo-inflected material as early as 1993, although they were more indebted to the likes of Rites of Spring than Sunny Day Real Estate were. This new, second wave of emo was quickly tagged “Midwest emo,” because so many of the bands came from the flyover states.Colorado’s Christie Front Drive were one of the earliest and best, mostly known for their powerful, soaring melodies. Records like Anthology and Stereo really showcased how brilliant they were at putting together incredibly beautiful, moving, intense songs. Perhaps their shining work, though, was their seminal split single with the equally talented Boys Life. Boys Life did a split record with the misanthropic post-hardcore band Vitreous Humor, as well, and that band’s track, “Why Are You So Mean to Me?” became a 90s emo anthem.Another band, Mineral, were known for being a particularly energetic Sunny Day Real Estate clone, although frontman Chris Simpson’s vocals were a completely different beast than Jeremy Enigk’s. Their debut record, The Power of Failing, is regarded as the defining record of second-wave emo by many, with incredibly powerful songs like “Gloria” and “If I Could” representing the genre’s propensity for dynamic build-ups and relatable lyrics. Andy Greenwald famously described second-wave emo as “music that felt like a secret,” and Mineral fit that description perfectly. Mineral’s lyrics, once again in Greenwald’s words, encapsulated everything about the genre that fans loved and detractors hated. “She is beautiful– I am weak, dumb, and shy; I am alone, but surprisingly poetic when left alone.” Braid, Bob Nanna’s band that picked up where Cap’n Jazz left off, were another important contributor to this wave of emo. Their final album Frame and Canvas, as well as their compilation track “Forever Got Shorter,” showcased a highly technical and math-rock influenced variety of this emotionally intense music, which Nanna then streamlined to great effect in his later band Hey Mercedes.Blake Schwarzenbach, fresh from the demise of Jawbreaker, started a new band, Jets to Brazil, which furthered his lyrical prowess in the context of this new wave of emo. Their debut, Orange Rhyming Dictionary, stands tall as one of the best records of the era.The Jazz June, later indie rock darlings, began in this scene, flexing their elliptical songwriting muscles and fascinating guitar dynamics on albums like They Love Those Who Make the Music. Rainer Maria, overlooked at the time and now, boasted dual female-male vocals and an infectious, irrepressible energy that proved extremely charming. The opening “Goddammit!” on “Tinfoil” sets the tone for the entire band.There were countless bands releasing great records at this time– Penfold, Knapsack, even Jimmy Eat World and the Get-Up Kids were a part of this scene. Jimmy Eat World were already on a major label but their 1996 album Static Prevails fits snugly into this scene, and they toured and did split records with many prominent bands of the era; meanwhile, the Get-Up Kids’ debut Four Minute Mile boasted both gorgeous twinkly epics like “Michele with One L” and keyboard-laden pop anthems like “Don’t Hate Me”.The record label Deep Elm formed near the end of the 90s, and, unlike other record labels releasing this sort of music (Caulfield and Crank! Records, to name two), actively embraced emo as a buzzword. Despite the fact that Deep Elm was a little more commercial than the other record labels, they were a big part of stretching this sound past the late 90s and into the early 2000s, keeping the sound alive with bands like the clinically depressed Cross My Heart, the energetic Benton Falls, and especially the post-rock innovators in the Appleseed Cast.The Kinsella Brothers, formerly of Cap’n Jazz, branched off into their own separate entities as the 90s neared its end. Tim, the yowly Kinsella, kept his abstract lyrics and unique vocals going in his indie rock band Joan of Arc. Mike Kinsella, meanwhile, formed the quintessential “twinkly emo” band, American Football, which put out two flawless eponymous records at the tail end of the 90s, one EP and one LP. American Football went on to become possibly the most influential out of the entire glut of 90s Midwest emo bands, as least in today’s modern emo revival.It was another Cap’n Jazz alumni, however, Davey von Bohlen, who would do the most to usher in the next era of emo, with his band the Promise Ring and their 1997 sophomore LP, Nothing Feels Good. Things were about to explode for emo in a whole new way.Essential Midwest Emo RecordsSunny Day Real Estate- DiaryWhat more can be said about this fucking record? The beginning of an era, for all intents and purposes. That gorgeous guitar riff in “47” gets me absolutely every time. “The Blankets Were the Stairs” may be the most underrated song in their entire catalog. Enigk’s enigmatic vocals pass through you, while the dynamic music never stops feeling thrilling. Almost everyone even mildly interested in the history of emo knows the importance of Sunny Day Real Estate, so I won’t continue to flog a dead horse, but I will say that LP2 (the pink one) is also a good record.Cap’n Jazz- AnalphabetapolothologyThe favorite band of every kid who just got into emo and is trying too hard, Cap’n Jazz sound like a more lo-fi edition of half the emo revival bands; except, of course, Cap’n Jazz had absolutely stellar pop songwriting skills. Their twinkly cover of “Take On Me” was one of the best things the emo scene ever produced, bar none. But from the opening salvo of “Little League,” anyone listening immediately knew what they were going to get. “Hey coffee eyes, you got me coughing up my cookie heart”– what other bands could turn Tim Kinsella’s bizarre abstract poetry into adorable little anthems? And what other band could turn half-written arpeggios into the twinkly riffs that would inspire hundreds and hundreds of bands to come?Texas Is the Reason- Do You Know Who You Are?I imagine the title of this album was inspired by the identity crisis the band members must have been feeling when they all chose to leave their hefty, aggressive hardcore bands to form a straight-up alternative rock band. Some say that they were just following the lead of others in the scene– ex-Gorilla Biscuits guitarist Walter Schreifels forming post-hardcore heavyweights Quicksand, for example– but the incredibly unique songwriting on this album begs to differ. “Johnny on the Spot” is a good opener, but “The Magic Bullet Theory” is the true hook for the record, and the point where one will decide whether they love or hate the vocals. If you decide you love them, then you’re on the Texas train for life.Christie Front Drive/Boys Life- split 10”Both of these bands have absolutely fantastic, amazing, wonderful full-length records that you should check out, and as far as I know, their entire discography is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and the other various streaming services, so consider this an endorsement for those as well. However, nothing really showcased these two bands’ unique approach to emo quite like this split. The opening to Christie Front Drive’s “Instant Romance” is perhaps the quintessential moment in all of Midwest emo, and listening to it still gives me chills to this day; I truly don’t think any other emo band used melody to the effect that Christie Front Drive did, heightening every element of their songs and achieving the “soaring” effect better than anyone else. Boys Life harness atmosphere and the loud/quiet dynamic better than any other band on their nine-minute epic “Sight Unseen,” building up to a beautifully chaotic, cathartic crescendo at the conclusion, complete with some of the best drum work the genre has ever seen.Penfold- Amateurs & ProfessionalsFor some reason, this band is not considered a member of the “classic” emo canon, when really, they should be considered in all of the same conversations as Mineral and Braid. Their songwriting was that good. They also had pretty excellent production for the time, as well. But take one listen to the way that “June” begins, all twinkly guitars and heart-wrenching, yearning vocals, and tell me that you are not hooked. Are they mildly derivative of the other bands of the time? No question about it. But their approach was so earnest, and their hooks were so airtight, that it’s very difficult not to fall in love at first listen.Knapsack- This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right NowI suppose this is one of those albums that could be considered a crossover between emo pop and Midwest emo, with all of its power chords and angsty, snotty vocals, so I suppose I can place it in the same category as those early Jimmy Eat World and Get-Up Kids albums. But what makes this one so essential? Honestly, if this album was just “Skip the Details” 10 times over and over again, I would still consider it just as good; I’ve yet to hear another song from this era that appeals to my sensibilities as perfectly as this one. However, there’s so many little gems here that it’s impossible to think of anything as filler, from the essential opener “Katherine the Grateful” to the heartbreaking “Hummingbirds” to the one-two punch of closers “Balancing Act” and “Please Shut Off the Lights,” this album just kills it all the way through.Braid- Frame & CanvasEveryone loves the fizzy, fractured math-pop of Braid, and for good reason: they’re probably the only band that sounds just as fresh today as they did back then, to the point that 2014’s No Coast still sounded a little bit ahead of its time compared to all the Count Your Lucky Stars and Topshelf bands that list them as an essential influence. But of course, none of the historical stuff matters once you actually sit down and start listening to “The New Nathan Detroits;” it’s not exactly hooky, but there is something about the sheer energy and the songwriting that is eminently compelling without being catchy. Something about Braid just makes me feel excited; it’s probably the frayed, scratchy vocals, which sound so youthful and exuberant. Bob Nanna’s perfect guitar work is probably Braid’s defining feature here, though. Extra credit: track down their compilation track “Forever Got Shorter,” which is probably Braid’s best song.Mineral- The Power of FailingThe production on this album is absolutely putrid. It grates on the ears. However, if you can get past the sensation of chewing on tinfoil that the production provides, what you get is the emo band that had probably the best sense of “build up then pay off” in the entire scene. “Gloria” is my favorite here, a perfect little pop gem that wears its Midwest emo style like a badge of honor, but it’s an incredibly consistent album. I dare you to listen to the guitar intro of “If I Could” and deny the intense sensation of melancholy that washed through you. Mineral makes you feel like you’re sitting in a car, watching the snow fall, and thinking about the way your ex lied to your face about sleeping with her coworker. Maybe that’s just me. Either way, there’s a very good chance that if any band is going to get you to LOVE Midwest emo, it’s definitely going to Mineral. They have all the musical trappings of the genre, to the point where they may have been considered generic were it not for the sheer panache of their songwriting and performances; they also have a curious populist appeal, and a wistful quality to their music that inspires nostalgia, even if you’ve never listened to them before.The Appleseed Cast- Mare VitalisThe Appleseed Cast started out as an unremarkable Deep Elm emo band who would have been a footnote on an Emo Diaries compilation. On this album, though, they began fusing their driving guitar rock with some really interesting, thoughtful, and dare I say pretty post-rock songwriting, leading to one of the most endlessly listenable albums of the era. Along with American Football, they could be accused of turning Midwest emo into elevator music; unlike American Football, however, the Appleseed Cast still knew when it was appropriate to completely rock out. There’s some great catchy moments throughout, and the band also knew exactly how to manage the ebb and flow of their musical intensity, keeping the listener relaxed yet on the edge of their seat at all times.American Football- Americ Anfootball (the EP)Yes, the EP. As good as “Never Meant” and “The Summer Ends” are, there is nothing in American Football’s catalog that can hold a candle to “Letters and Packages,” far and away their best song. It took American Football’s incredibly unique, jazz-inflected approach to the genre, and created a song that absolutely transports the listener, enveloping you into the atmosphere. It’s an absolutely beautiful song, all the instruments playing off of each other perfectly, the energy level kicking up in the middle of the song just enough to make you feel excited, and then falling back into the gorgeous pattern it developed at the beginning. Many of American Football’s best songs are a bit longer, which is why this three-minute gem stands out. Yes, the guitar work in “Five Silent Miles” is intoxicating as well, but if you listen to any American Football song, make it “Letters and Packages.”RUNNERS-UPJimmy Eat World- Static PrevailsGet-Up Kids- Four Minute MileJets to Brazil- Orange Rhyming DictionaryCross My Heart- Cross My HeartRainer Maria- Past Worn Searching
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Feeling like giving up

Feeling like giving up
So i’ve bitched about this for a while now. I can’t write my own music. I listen to pat the bunny, days n daze, gnarly whales, AJJ, and I don’t know how they do it. I don’t know how to use words in a way that express how I feel lyrically. I know I sound dumb but I’ve made somewhere from 70-100 songs over the last 2 years because music is the only thing in my life. I can honestly say I’ve fucking deleted all of them and have never made a song i like. please help, someone. its mostly lyrics. I’ve tried everything. This shit has literally drove me to tears before. I’ve tried writing about not being able to write… Hated what I created after an hour. That’s how most things end up, meaningless after an hour.
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4 Ideas for 25th Anniversary

4 Ideas for 25th Anniversary
Sonic Genesis A remake-synthesis of Sonic 1, 2, 3+K, 4, and CD. The physics & mechanics would run just like the Genesis era games. Graphics would be updated, obviously, and in HD. The stories of the games would be stitched together, removing as few things as possible to make it cohesive. The less memorable levels would be cut so the game is not overly massive.Essentially you start by playing through the most memorable levels of Sonic 1. Somewhere in that journey, you learn the spindash move. After beating Robotnik, you meet Tails, and then you play through most of the levels of Sonic 2 with him alongside you. After beating Robotnik again and (maybe) becoming super sonic for the first time, Sonic and Tails get separated. By doing this you unlock 2-player time attack mode. Next are the events of Sonic CD. The levels are re-imagined slightly to play more like traditional Sonic levels. But once these zones and Hyper Metal are bested, Sonic is able to use the time travel mechanic in every previous and upcoming level (which now incorporate the warp signs that let you travel through time). Sonic eventually reunites with Tails and they journey to Angel Island for the events of Sonic 3+K. Halfway though those levels you unlock Tails as a playable character. After beating the story you can play through the whole game as Knuckles as well. After the Death Egg is destroyed again, Sonic once again faces off with Hyper Metal in the re-imagined and improved levels of Sonic 4. Finishing the game unlocks Hyper Metal as a playable character.The game incorporates all of Sonic’s moves throughout this era: Spindash, Super Peel Out, Insta-shield. The game includes a 4-player multiplayer mode which is a re-imagined party-style Sonic 3D Blast.Obvious updates would be high definition, widescreen, improved sound test, improved multiplayer, and a challenge mode for all special stages.Sonic AdventureS You play through Sonic Adventure, but only the Sonic levels. Then you play through Sonic Adventure 2, but only the Sonic and Shadow levels. Then you play through Sonic Heroes as Team Sonic. After defeating Eggman and Metal Madness, a few of the redesigned “Shadow the Hedgehog” levels become playable, sans-weapons. Not every stage from each of the games would be playable, but the most memorable levels would stick around. The Chao Garden would return. The adventure fields from SA would be removed in favor of quickly jumping from level to level with a few, skippable cutscenes.Moves include: Somersault, Spindash, Lightspeed Dash, Bounce, GrindThe multiplayer modes would include all of the characters from these games, and all of the available modes. So there would be treasure hunting, shooting stages, and races a la SA2B. Additionally there would be a Sonic Shuffle board game mode. Playable characters in multiplayer would not only include Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Eggman, Gamma, Omega, Rouge, Shadow, Chaos, and Tikal, but also, Charmy, Espio, Vector, Big, and Cream+Cheese.Obvious updates would include: fixed cameras, less falls, less necessary rail grinding. You’d be able to turn character dialogue/voices on/off.Sonic Universe This game would be the most ambitious. It would stitch the plots and levels of all of the main entries in the franchise from Sonic ’06 and onwards with gameplay that attempts to redeem those games. Obviously they would be retooled to not suck. Since these games are considered by the general gaming community to be disappointments (if not failures), this amalgamation can take more liberties in editing the canon. The plot would go as follows:The game starts with Sonic and Tails in pursuit of Eggman. They all crash on the planet Lost Hex where they become separated, and the events of Sonic Lost World go down. This is a good place to start because Windy Valley is a more traditional opening level than the initial levels of the other games of the era. Also, it introduces us to the Whisps and the Deadly 6. Our heroes learn that Eggman is destroying Lost Hex so that he can use the planets life force, the Whisps, to take over the galaxy. After defeating the Deadly 6 and Eggman, Sonic meets back up with Tails and they attempt to return home (using Lost Hex tech to retrofit the Tornado for space flight), but something goes wrong and they get sucked into space.There, in Eggman’s secret space station HQ, he traps Sonic and turns him into a wearhog and sends him down onto an unknown planet. Tails escapes in the Tornado and attempts to rescue Sonic.Sonic lands in an area where “Unleashed” is set and plays through the day levels, looking for Tails or a way to cure his curse. Bosses will be the only time you play as a wearhog. After going through most of the re-imagined Unleashed levels, learning how to stomp, drift and attain boost, Sonic stumbles upon the Kingdom of Soleanna where he gets caught up in the generalized events of that game, especially defeating Dark Gaia. There is no inter-species romance. You encounter Silver and Blaze. Blaze becomes playable after beating her. In Soleanna, Sonic finds books that he can jump inside of (a la Kingdom Hearts). They each contain 1 or 2 re-imagined levels from Secret Rings and Black Knight respectively. At the end of the Soleanna saga, Princess Elise rewards Sonic with a cure to his wearhog issue.Meanwhile, Tails missions become available. These missions play like a hybrid between Generations and Lost World. Tails freeroams and solves puzzles but speedily and with his gadgets. While on his own, he encounters Lyric and the Babylon Riders. Lyric learns of Tails’ recent adventures and tries to create his own kind of Dark Gaia. He calls it the Iblis Trigger so that he can conquer Tail’s world. But with the help of the Babylon Riders and Sticks the Badger, Tails beats Lyric and locates Sonic in Soleanna. This unlocks the Sky Babylon part of the world map where the free riders multiplayer tournaments are held, but it does not have to be played or beaten for the main story.Back in the main story, Tails rescues Sonic just as he finds his cure, and they take off in the Tornado (now upgraded even further with parts from where Tails has been) to find Eggman’s secret space-base and take him down once and for all. However what they find is a theme park – Eggmanland. The villain swears he’s a changed man, but as Sonic and Tails play through the levels of the theme park (and Sonic Colors) they learn that Eggman had stolen the solar system of the Whisps to use as his theme park. They play through the levels, destroy Eggmanland, and rescue the Whisps in an epic space finale.Characters include: Tails, Eggman, Lyric, Whisps, Wave, Swallow, Jet, Chip, Orbot+Cubot, Dark Gaia, Iblis Trigger, and Sticks the Badger.There is a redesigned, competitive Riders multiplayer mode as well as the versus modes from Colors.The game would play as an improved version of the Generations mechanics with elements borrowed from each of the new games: -Unleashed drifting AND Generations drifting -Dbl jump from Colors -LW/Colors world maps -LW’s parkour system -Tails would have some retooled moves from Boom -Stomp move -Slide -Boost, obviouslySonic Pocket Quest A portable synthesis of Sonic Advance, Advance 2, Advance 3, Rivals, Rivals 2, Rush, Rush Adventure, Chronicles, Triple Trouble, Chaos and elements of Sonic Pocket Adventure as well as Sonic 1 and 2 (game gear).Only the most memorable levels would mke the cut, but even enemies/elements from cut levels can show up in the re-imagined levels.The controls will be like the Advance games, including assist moves, however the Boost mechanic will also return from the Rush series, building up boost by doing tricks and destroying enemies. Whisps will return in the Chronicles based levels.Improved, competitive Rivals-style multiplayer. Improved, competitive Sonic Battle style multiplayerCharacters include: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Emeryl, Cream & Cheese, Blaze, Marine the Racoon, Rouge, Big, Chaos’, Omega, Shadow, Eggman, Shade the Echidna, Espio, and Eggman Nega.
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[MITM] Puppet Master {Electronic-ish} Looking for male vocalist

[MITM] Puppet Master {Electronic-ish} Looking for male vocalist
So I decided not long ago to redo a track I originally made a couple of years ago. One of the changes I wanted to make was to find a find a new (preferably male) vocalist, because I am in no way a good singer.The track is called Puppet Master, and an updated instrumental can be found here: have lyrics written (located here: and a melody (for the most part), though I am open to discussion about alterations to either.The key is Bm (Em on the chorus), tempo is 90 bpm. If interested, let me know and I can send you the melody.
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[TOMT] Please help find this song!

[TOMT] Please help find this song!
So, my friend is trying to remember some song from the mid-2000s. It was a rock (gothic or punk) song and the video took place mainly in a garden. It was about how the guy couldn’t be with the girl because of her comfidemce issues… She said the lyrics title may have the word “black” or “black rose something” and it’s a slow paced song.. lol… Help!?
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