Playlist in fullscreen keep repeating the same video over and over

Playlist in fullscreen keep repeating the same video over and over
Hi! I’m having this really annoying issue in youtube when I play my playlists… In fullscreen mode, it keeps playing the same video, even if I skip it… it plays again the very same one, or the next one sometimes but then it goes back to previous one.It’s rather annoying, I made those playlist to listen to music videos on my TV and it bother anyone to hear constantly the same song.Is there a way to fix this problem?Oh I’m under Windows 10, Google Chrome (50.0.2661.102 m) and using Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube 2.1.1Thanks
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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The Off-Topic Thread: Lyrics

The Off-Topic Thread: Lyrics
This is the end of Music May. The Off Topic Thread has been going on for two years now, and it all started with Music. For the final thread, let’s talk about lyrics.What lyrics inspire you? Build you? Which lyrics move you, excite you, sadden you? Some might leave you in awe, others might be campy fun. Discuss your favorite lyrics here. And please, leave the song and band name.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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I was playing some amend when…

I was playing some amend when…
As I paced like a caged animal – already hard as a rock under my black silk lounge pants – my open red silk robe swooshed at my sides with every turn I made. My erratic steps were only made more difficult thanks to the light stands and cameras surrounding the bed. I’d never been more anxious for a fuck in all my life, but all of me froze when I heard the sound of the door opening, with my head whipping towards it in time to see her walk through.A pink blush colored the skin I could see peeking out from her own silk robe and rose all the way up to her face, but the lust in her eyes was unmistakable when they met mine before they dropped to her feet.“I…I’m…Sookie Stackhouse,” she stammered, with her nerves seeming to get the better of her. “I…I’m here for…”She paused for a moment and steeled herself, exhaling deeply as the timid words tumbled from her petal pink lips.“I’ll be your co-star today.”Yes. I was going to enjoy fucking every one of those nerves right out of her.“Hmm…” I slowly deliberated, while stalking towards her. “Sookie, you say? That rhymes with nookie, so I guess it’s fitting that we’ll be filming an adult movie today.”Her body was trembling slightly, which only made me painfully harder, and I reached out to brush the hair away from her face, asking, “So…I understand that this will be your first movie?”She was the picture perfect representation of the girl next door. But the soft sigh she treated me to, when I let my fingertips trail down her face and on towards her cleavage, told me there was an inner vixen inside of her just waiting to be set free.And I would happily help her explore her hedonistic side anytime she chose.I’d done enough research to know that her perfect D cups were natural and I’d lost my train of thought when she softly answered, “Yes.”“There’s no need to be nervous,” I soothed. “Trust me when I say, once we get started, you won’t notice the cameras.”She seemed to steel her resolve for a second time and her eyes met mine again as she said with a bit more confidence, “Okay.”Her eyes hesitantly took in my bare chest, before moving on. When they came to rest on the outline of where my cock was poking out towards her through my pants, she licked her lips and said, “I think you might be right.”Fuck.It was good to be me.“Take off your robe,” I commanded and then watched, completely enthralled by what was revealed in front of me. Her golden tan shimmered underneath the bright lights and her body was completely bare, so I could see that despite her nerves, her pussy was already glistening with her arousal.It was definitely good to be me.But despite her obvious excitement, her body was still tense and she jumped slightly when I made a move towards her. I continued on passed her like I hadn’t noticed and turned on some music – fuck music – hoping it would help her relax. But I couldn’t stop myself from coming to stand directly behind her and with my still silk covered dick sliding up her back, I placed my hands on her shoulders, kneading some of her tension away.“Dance,” I softly ordered.“What?” she whispered incredulously, with her body leaning into my hands despite her verbal resistance.So I removed them from her shoulders – thereby removing her distraction – and repeated my order, saying, “Dance. With a body like that, I know you know how.”I teased my dick one last time by rubbing up against her spine before taking a step back and waiting. I hadn’t concerned myself with the lyrics of the song. It was the beat that mattered to me and it wasn’t long before her hips were swaying to the bass of the song. I slowly walked around her – not saying a word, afraid to break the spell she seemed to be under – to get a better view. Once I completed my path and was in front of her again, I saw that her eyes were now closed, while the rest of her body started moving with more purpose with the music. I was pleased when her hands started roaming over her body of their own accord, so I remained a silent spectator as they both came up to caress her tits. When her fingertips started roughly pinching and pulling on her nipples, I had to stop myself from taking a step forward. I could tell she was really starting to warm up now and when one of her hands dropped to her torso and slid all the way down, with two of her fingers plunging right inside of her wet swollen lips, I knew she was ready.This time I didn’t stop myself from taking a step forward and pulling her hand away from where I was dying to be and her eyes shot open to watch me suck her fingers into my mouth.“With the way you taste, I’m going to enjoy making you cum on my tongue,” I told her as I let her hand drop from mine. “Shall we get started?” There was a script we were supposed to follow, but seeing her standing there naked, I didn’t think I could focus on my lines – as minimal as they were – and instead told her, “We’ll film the dialog later.”I let the robe slide from my shoulders and pulled my pants off, adding with a pointed stare from her eyes to my cock, “First, I think we should get to the meat of the film, don’t you agree?”Her eyes glazed over with her nodding her reply, so I directed, “Get on the bed.” She didn’t hesitate to comply and her nerves seemed to have disappeared as she positioned herself in the middle of the bed. I was pleased yet again, watching her get on her hands and knees as she started crawling towards me to where I was standing at the foot of the bed. So when she hesitated seemingly unsure, with her mouth just millimeters from my cock, I could barely keep myself under control and growled, “Do you want to taste me, lover? Do you want to feel my cock pulsing between those perfect pink lips of yours?”I ran my tip across her lips leaving a trail of pre-cum behind and struggled to keep my wits about me, watching her nod with her tongue darting out and licking the evidence away.She was trembling again, but I knew it had nothing to do with nerves now. So I leaned down and ran a finger through her wet folds, adding, “Well, if you do a good job then I’ll let you feel my cock pulsing through these lips as well.”Her answering moan produced even more pre-cum on my part and her head shot forward, with her tongue swiping it away before her lips wrapped around me entirely as she slowly began working her way down my shaft. My hands automatically went to the back of her head and my own fell back in bliss. From the angle we were at, I knew it would look great on film, but that wasn’t my biggest concern at the moment.My cock was larger than most, so I allowed her the time to adjust before I started actively fucking her mouth, grunting out, “You like that don’t you? You like sucking my cock?”I wasn’t expecting an answer, but she moaned her agreement which nearly made me lose my load. That would certainly make for the shortest porno in history, so I fought off my urges and continued fucking her perfectly fuckable mouth. My head fell forward and my eyes couldn’t stop watching my dick sliding in and out of her lips, but it was her eyes that nearly did me in again. They were staring back at me full of lust and I knew I couldn’t take much more of either – her looks or her mouth – so I hoarsely admitted, “It feels good between those lips of yours, but I want to taste your other ones now.”She fell back onto the bed, with me crawling up between her legs, and I stared at her wet folds for only a second before I dove in for a taste. Even already knowing I would like what I found there, I was still amazed someone could taste so perfect. And between my tongue and my fingers, I fucked her until she came three times. Anyone else would’ve been completely spent, but no sooner had I sat up than she climbed onto my lap and moaned, “Fuuck…” into my mouth as she lowered herself onto my cock. My hands gripped her hips, with me repeating her previous sentiment out loud feeling how tight and wet she was. If I thought I’d had a hard time controlling my urges when she was sucking me off, that was nothing compared to how hard I would have to work now to not cum too soon.With her hands on my shoulders and her feet planted on the mattress, she matched me thrust for thrust. Her back was arched forward and her head was tipped back, so when I was able to tear my eyes away from the sight of her pussy swallowing my cock, I used the opportunity to latch onto one of her breasts.And her responding, “Fuck yes!” told me she liked it just as much as I did.The sounds of skin slapping against skin nearly drowned out everything else and when the thought came to me, I didn’t hesitate in lifting her off of me. Turning her around so that she was on her hands and knees in front of me, I impaled her again from behind to her repeated screams of, “Fuck yes!”“You’re repeating yourself, lover,” I chuckled out, struggling to keep myself from letting go.Her head whipped around to stare back at me, with her bottom lip caught between her teeth before it came free, as she dropped to her elbows and moaned, “Your cock feels so good.”“Like that, do you?” I grunted out and smacked her ass.She moaned again, answering, “Yeah baby, I do.” She wiggled her hips and pushed herself back up onto her hands, thrusting back against me, saying, “Fuck me harder.”I did as she asked and she spread her legs wider, so that I sank even deeper inside of her and we both moaned again. Nothing had ever felt as perfect as fucking her did and I knew she’d probably have bruises on her hips the next day thanks to the grip I had on her, but I couldn’t help it. I was too lost in the sensation; too lost in her and I forgot what we were there to do when I groaned, “Sookie. Baby, I need you to cum.”I didn’t think I could hold back for much longer and her challenging strangled cry of, “Then you fucking make me cum,” wasn’t helping,. But I was never one to back down from any challenge, so I slid one of my hands around to her front and teasingly rubbed her clit before giving it a little spanking of its own. I was instantly rewarded with her pussy imitating a vice like grip on my cock as she screamed out with her orgasm. It threw me right off the cliff behind her, with me shooting a seemingly never ending stream of cum inside of her.We both fell down onto the bed and I’d somehow managed to turn at the last second so I wouldn’t crush her underneath me, but I’d brought her body with me so I wouldn’t have to leave her warmth just yet. When she finally got her breathing under control, she giggled out, “I think you fell out of character there.”I chuckled and hugged her tighter, admitting, “I did, but I couldn’t help it. What can I say, lover? Your pussy is magical. It sucked me right in.”She laughed along with me and turned to face me, so I waggled my eyebrows at her and asked, “Are you sure it was your first time? You seemed like you were a natural.”“It was definitely my first fuck film, but you know better than to think that was my first role play.” She leaned over and kissed me again before asking, “So, was I believable when I tried to look like I was nervous about fucking you?”“Definitely,” I answered, but before I could say any more about her Oscar worthy performance, she grinned back at me and said, “Happy birthday.” Her words were followed by another kiss that had me gearing up for our celebratory sequel, when the sound of the phone ringing interrupted us.I growled, knowing I had to answer it, and pulled away to do so. I already had an idea of who would be calling, so I wasn’t surprised and when I ended the call, I looked down at Sookie, saying, “The jury’s back from deliberations. I need to go in.”She giggled all over again, watching me pull on what she’d dubbed my ‘court attire’, which wasn’t truly accurate. But seeing my purple briefs always reminded her of the day we became a ‘we’ and once I was dressed, I leaned back down to give her a kiss goodbye, saying, “Thank you for my birthday present, lover. I’ll see you when I get home.”She smiled back at me and as I was walking out of our bedroom door, she called out, “Your birthday isn’t over until the clock strikes midnight, so don’t you go thinking we’re through yet!”SHE was why it was great to be me.It was a couple of hours later when I was walking back into my chambers, still smiling over the look of shock on that prick Compton’s face when he lost his case. I don’t know why he looked so surprised since he was a shit lawyer, but then I’d already known he was a fool because he’d let Sookie slip away from him. I, however, was no fool and was anxious to get home so we could film ‘When Eric Fucked Sookie Part 2’, when the sound of my chamber’s door opening made me turn around.I watched Sookie slip inside and my grin was immediate just seeing her, but it got even wider when she took off the full length trench coat she was wearing to reveal the slutty Catholic schoolgirl outfit she had on underneath. She twisted her hands in front of her body and pouted out her lip as she strode towards me, saying, “Headmaster. Sister Pam sent me to your office because she said it was a sin that I like cock so much.”“Really…” I growled out, watching her place both of her hands on my desk and jut her ass out behind her.“Mmhmm,” she nodded and then she flicked her hips so her short skirt flipped up, revealing something else.She was wearing absolutely nothing underneath it.Letting her true character come through, above her naughty schoolgirl facade, she winked at me and said, “I’m ready for my punishment.”It was so fucking great to be me.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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[TOMT][song] chorus always starts with long “why” or “how”

[TOMT][song] chorus always starts with long “why” or “how”
Heard this recently on the radio, probably a recent song from the last few years. Chorus always starts with a long why or how, like this: “Whyyyyyyyyy can’t I forget youuu” “Hoooowwwww does this still hurt” Why&How notes start low and get ~5 notes higher, only to drop one or two notes at the end.Edit: I’ve made a vocaroo. The beginning should be just like this but I’m not sure about the end part (melody or lyrics).
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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