Transparent, but opposite colors material?

Transparent, but opposite colors material?
I’m making a lyric video in blender (After Effects would probably be better for this kinda thing, but oh well) and I want to have the text show the reverse image of the album cover in the background, like in this video. Is there anyway to accomplish that with blender materials? Maybe a transparent material mixed with something that reverses the color? I’m not experienced enough with the compositor to know how to do that.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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Band troubles. Need advice (Rant)

Band troubles. Need advice (Rant)
Alright i think this is the right sub, (please direct me if it is not). Just got a decent band together, very talented singer, finally a drummer who will stay committed, bass players are in and out but thats another story. It starts off with me, 22m guitarist ive been playing for about 10years and this is my first band, i adore music and the way it makes me feel, even jamming with new people and clicking and finding groove is pretty unreal. The other guitarist 29m probably been play 14 years? Is different. He has no passion for the music or instrument. He just wants the best gear, and the fame. We are both probably no where near as good as we could be given the lengh of time we’ve been playing but we mesh fairly well. So we have a female singer pretty young very creative with the lyrics and loves doing it you can hear the emotion when she sings, im esstatic. I tell the other guitarist this and his words are, “yeah i talked to her and i asked hownwe could capitalize on having female singer, because the only female vocalist i know of right is lizzy hail.” (Should mention we play hardrock bordering heavy metal). Im confused at this point because im starting realize thats all he wants, is to sell out or in his words “buy in”. I understand it would be great to get paid for somthing I enjoy as much as this but, i just want that feeling of being able to play, the energy from the crowd, ect. Well he goes on to say “i want to make music to sell to movies and video games i want to make money!” Well first off. You have to work your ass off for that, you have to play gigs that pay little to nothing, you have to go through people not liking you, practice and playing what you like. Am i wrong about this? Please, if hes right about just playing music for the money and endorsements tell me why hes right i want to know. Other problems include snubbing songs he didnt write or doesnt think they’ll be “radio worthy” as in rewriting parts that sound generic to fit with any thing and not that song or putting to many effects with it, something of that nature and when we go to critique as part or think a part that might flow better the response is “no this is good its mainstream because thats how i wrote it. Its fine” Any way ,advice would appreciated on this . Im trying to keep my mouth in filter because we got a good thing going.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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