28 [M4F] Anywhere- I’d be tender, I’d be gentle, I’d be awful sentimental, if I only had a heart.

28 [M4F] Anywhere- I’d be tender, I’d be gentle, I’d be awful sentimental, if I only had a heart.
(I realise those aren’t the exact lyrics, but…it still works, right?)I’ve come to a simple conclusion. I’m really fucking lonely.I’ve been single longer than I’d like to admit- and I’m sick of it. I don’t want it any more. I want to share stuff with someone. I want to share life with someone. I want a girl, a woman, a whatever, who I can fucking lavish love upon. I want someone I can kiss and hold and make laugh with terrible jokes and ridiculous stories and my stupid fake Irish accent I slip into whenever I’m really pissed off because it makes me laugh and I know I can stop myself being pissed off. I want someone I can associate with places and feelings and songs. I want someone who I can be all ‘I listened to romantic song and it made me think of you’, or someone who I can read bits of my favourite books to, or someone I can recite poems for. Fucking write poems for, too. I want someone I can cook for, someone I can make memories with. I’m not looking for fucking marriage or whatever, I’m just looking for someone I love, and laugh with, and just fucking live with. I want someone I can hand my heart to, and say ‘here, you take this, it belongs to you now’.I don’t expect much to come of this. I don’t really think I expect anything to come of this. I haven’t told you any cold hard facts about myself, so how the fuck would you even know if you’d like me or not? Here, see if these help you decide; my favourite colour is purple, my favourites animals are the okapi, the red panda, and my favourite birds are herons and hoopoes because they’re fun as fuck to say. I’m scared of the dark but I can’t sleep unless there’s no light around anywhere. I love old musicals and romantic comedies. I am a huge fucking romantic at heart. I love cats, but I’m terrified of dogs. I’m scared of spiders but I’m trying to get over it. I’m trying out Netflix, and I’m currently rewatching Psych, and watching Fringe, which are so utterly fantastic. You know that’s right. I took six years to finish a three year university course and I’m the first person in my family to get a degree, which I have done fuck all with. I’m a murder mystery actor. I love jazz, and classical music, and classic pop and rock and swing and soul and music you can really just…sink your soul into. I am an eternally optimistic person even though I probably have no reason to be. If you ever want to laugh, ask me about the best scream, or the bouncy castle, or the Irish accent story; but make me tell you them, with my actual voice, because then I can show off my fancy accent (English, and more English than you’d expect), and actually fucking entertain you.Okay, I’m going to stop now, but before I go, because I have rambled on and fucking on and fucking on, let me leave you with something I once wrote, purely as some bollocks to post, but kind of love:Someone once told me, a long time ago, that a man must be many things, if he is to love, and be someone who can be loved.He must be patient, and calm, and forever kind. He must be willing to fight his own battles, to stand his own ground, to defend his own corner. He must be polite, and warm, and friendly, and always set out to make friends, never enemies. He must find someone with whom he can share the burdens of life, for even Atlas, who carried the world upon his shoulders, needed to take a break once in a while. He must find someone with whom he can lay himself bare, set himself wide open, and be prepared to be completely vulnerable with; for, as hard as it may seem to contemplate doing it once, let alone more, he must not hide himself away, nor harden his heart to the love in his life. He must, above all, always be true to himself, no matter the cost, no matter how hard or impossible it may seem.Maybe he was right. I haven’t found out yet.I’d really, really like to, though.
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is xinfinity watsky’s goodbye album?

is xinfinity watsky’s goodbye album?
was just reading lyrics and had this thought. sans bonus track : here are the last lyrics of the album (below) . Now that I consider it, I see many other lyrics/themes that seem to support it.Don’t let my ghost drag you down If you don’t see me around It doesn’t mean that I fell Yeah I’m doing well I got some roses to smell I hope you smile when I’m gone It means I had the strength to move on To find another story to tell To answer the bell I got some roses to smell
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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What got you into learning Swedish?

What got you into learning Swedish?
For all you non-Swede Swedish speakers, what was the thing that got you into learning Swedish?My reason and motivation was a bit funny, to be honest. I heard a song from Raubtier, a Swedish industrial metal band called “Achtung Panzer” (although the title is in German, the band sings only in Swedish). First, I didn’t really know in what language were the lyrics written, but some time passed and I got to like the song, so I searched for the band.As I studied English in an advanced English class back in high school, I realized that while watching the lyrics video for their songs, I could make out and understand some words only by using my English knowledge, and it fascinated me a bit, but I didn’t yet want to learn Swedish.Time passed and I listened to the band more and more until I realized that I really like how the Swedish language sounds and around the begining of this year, I was really thinking about learning Swedish, and around April or March, I made the first step and contacted a teacher in my city who teaches – bland annat 😉 – Swedish.I’ve been learning Swedish for half a year now, and I must say, it is pretty easy for me after English (I also have a great sense for learning languages), and quite fun! I think Swedish is a beautiful sounding language (although the pronunciation is “a bit” off sometimes, but that’s okay, that’s the challenge! I’ll take a B2 level Swedish language exam next year probably, and who knows, maybe a C1. It’s so easy to learn after English, and most of all, very fun!Oh, and now I can actually gradually understand the lyrics of Raubtier, so I feel that I’m making progress. What got YOU into learning Swedish? I’m eager to know. Although I know it’s a pretty ridiculous reason for one to learn a new language just because he loves a band that speaks in that language, but hey, the motivation is what counts, right? No matter where it comes from. And I couldn’t be more glad that I made this decision.
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