Sensing the deaths of my friends through music?

Sensing the deaths of my friends through music?
In mid-July, I learned that the sister of my closest childhood friend had passed away tragically. I’m going to refer to the sister as O and my childhood friend as N. In elementary school we often hung out together and although O was an older teen and often annoyed by us, some of my best memories were spent with her. Especially the three of us. Due to college and personal stressors, N and I had drifted apart over the past 3 years after nearly a decade of intense friendship.On July 5th, I felt a deep sense of sadness I couldn’t shake off. I thought I was hungover from the previous night and that was affecting my mood. I spent all night listening to my music library on shuffle (which is around 12,000 songs) and I could barely focus on anything that played. Suddenly “The Drowning Man” by The Cure comes on. I’ve maybe heard this song once if ever, I just happen to have the album Faith because a close pal of mine absolutely adores the band. I felt incredibly drawn to this song and it was all I could listen to for the next week and a half, I even put it on my phone and listened to it during my lunch breaks at work.Here are the lyrics, because it’s relevant to the rest of my story:She stands twelve feet above the flood.She stares alone across the water.The loneliness grows and slowly fills her frozen body sliding downwards.One by one her senses die,the memories fade and leave her eyes.Still seeing worlds that never were,and one by one the bright birds leave her.Starting at the violent sound she tries to turn,the final noiseless slips and strikes her soft dark head.The water bows, receives her,and drowns her at its ease, drowns her at its ease.I would have left the world all bleedingcould I only help you love!The fleeting shapes so many years ago,so young and beautiful and brave.Everything was true, it couldn’t be a story.I wish it was all true, I wish it couldn’t be a story.The words all left me lifeless, hoping,Breathing like the drowning man.Oh Fushia! You leave mebreathing like the drowning man.Breathing like the drowning man.On July 15th I receive a text from another old friend of mine, who grew up with O and N as well, telling me that she’s found out that O has passed away. I was absolutely shattered and extremely anxious, because I didn’t know how, where, and exactly when she had died. My now nearly non-existent relationship with N made it difficult to even conceive an appropriate way to ask these questions. I couldn’t just text or call her and ask these things, she was grieving and we didn’t have that connection anymore. The memorial service was held about a week or two after I was informed of her passing.The pamplets given out at the service showed O’s portrait and her birthday and the date of her death. She had apparently passed away on July 5th, days before I ever knew and the same night I became obsessed with “The Drowning Man”. I also learn from one of O’s oversharing but well-meaning relatives the details of her death. Honestly, I wish I never had, I was not emotionally prepared in the slightest. However, it’s important to tell you all that this relative said O had passed out and drowned in her bathtub after celebrating the 4th of July. Obviously now, you can see the connection. I listened to the song again when I got home because I was still obsessed, and then it all hit me.This is not the first time I’ve had this happen to me. However, the other stories happened when I was younger (I’m 22 now) and I wanted to respect this subreddit’s policies about posting childhood stories since I’m new to r/glitch_in_the_matrix. If you’d like to also hear these stories please let me know.
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[Perps’ Goals] In 2005, DEWs attacked members.

[Perps’ Goals] In 2005, DEWs attacked members. from ‘Weapons of Mass Coercionl’ by Byron BelitsosFast forward to 2005.About a dozen people in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere are working on the issue of “9/11 truth.” (In this account, initials are used for all names to protect their privacy.) The loose-knit group was fervently building an historic citizen’s movement around a newly founded umbrella organization called “” This organization had, for example, just assembled a now-famous petition called the “9/11 Truth Statement” that contained the names 100 prominent Americans calling for a new 9/11 investigation. (One of the signatories was Van Jones, who was later forced out of a position at the Obama White House for his involvement with this petition.) had also compiled and presented a lengthy dossier of 9/11 evidence to Eliot Spitzer, then attorney general of New York state, calling for him to investigate.I myself was a board member and also worked as a marketing contractor for the whistleblower along with several others, while running a small book publishing company. In late 2004, I had produced a national conference called “9/11 Truth Convergence” that included a number of prominent activist speakers and authors, including a New York Times bestselling journalist and author, J.M., whose book on 9/11 I had just published.This was the situation on the ground—when “it” happened.Just as the work of this motley collection of activists and thinkers was gaining traction nationally, people in and around the group began falling sick. Individuals reported strange symptoms, disturbing signs of physiological effects, known as “bioeffects” in the intelligence community. They reflected a familiar pattern with several variations. During a period of weeks, many (but not all of the activists) experienced an odd, sometimes flu-like, “electrical” feeling. The more discerning ones among them reported that a discrete energy had seemingly—and silently—entered their body. They could feel a stinging, tingling, painful sensation sometimes centered at the throat, other times the heart or the hara (so-called third “chakra” just below the belly button), or at times infusing the entire body, often moving and branching out quickly from the point of entry. The feeling was immediately disagreeable and negative. Many began to experience sleeplessness, disorientation, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety—but always accompanied by a foul physiological feeling. These were some of the reports I collected:“It was a nondescript toxic feeling.”“I had a spasm in my back on the ribs—whole area was swollen—and the effect was debilitating. Had difficulty even turning over in bed.”“Some days it is purely emotional: I was losing it all day and crying.”“It came in and my whole body was electrified. Came in at the chest.”“All my thoughts were ‘terminal.’”“For the first 40 minutes my heart was uncontrollable, just racing and racing. My chest was so constricted that I thought I couldn’t breathe!”In time, it became clear that this negative feeling usually struck the victim at regular times and on particular days of the week, although for some it was as if a remote device had been beamed at the person 24/7, and was barely discernable. For those who experienced periodicity, there was a different pattern for each one.M.J. was every three days. F.C. every two days. C.B. was once a week. In my own case, I was usually hit on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays over a period of three months. Yet others, perhaps less sensitive, simply went to bed sick or depleted, without the felt experience of an energy source hitting them at a specific time or place on the body; they were sick nonetheless for no clear reason.With so many reporting strange effects or illness, the group soon compared notes. The phenomenon was at first thought by some to be powerful “psychic attacks.” But these attacks were unstoppable—we soon learned that psychic attacks can be interdicted—and these energies were much more efficient than those resulting from human-generated attack. No, it was clear that the group had been targeted by some sort of electromagnetic weapon, though many denied its very possibility.And this example, close to home for me, illustrates the triple-danger faced by so many activists:First, we are vulnerable by virtue of being activists who are operating in dangerous times in the visible, public arena.Second, most of us are barely aware of the tools being deployed in this silent holocaust.Third, many are naïve about the willingness of opponents powerful, well-funded, Machievellian opponents to use these tools. Few of us can fathom that experiments similar to those that took place in the MK-Ultra era still take place.We were soon to learn the truth by working with a more advanced healer and psychic who assisted us: In 2005, we activists were nothing less than a test-site for EM weapons. (For the story of the aftermath, see Appendix A.)These are just two cases I personally know of and have rigorously researched. But it is likely today that hundreds and perhaps thousands of Americans and overseas victims are now, this very moment, being targeted by so-called “psychotronics” or directed energy weapons (DEW), weapons secretly deployed in a brave new world of covert and overt warfare. Such “neuroweapons” are directed at the human nervous system and the brain itself, come in many varieties, and are used worldwide against activists and “enemies of the state”—and increasingly, are being deployed in random criminal actions against innocents who, like we were, are likely set up as test-sites for the devices.DEW technology is now mature and poised for use on overseas and domestic battlefields. When understood in connection with massive energy-related projects like HAARP (see below) as well as the aerosol spraying of earth’s atmosphere (known colloquially as “chemtrails”)—which turn the entire planet into a site for “Star-Wars” energy warfare—this phenomenon truly constitutes a silent holocaust.These quiet new tools of covert attack we will review in this piece make our long- past innocence about inviolability of personal sovereignty seem outdated and primitive by contrast. For there was once a time when the human brain, the precious human mind that it houses it, and the “biofield” that envelops both—belonged in a domain protected both in the U.S. Constitution. One upon a time, human consciousness represented the sacrosanct site of thought and choice. The brain/mind was the inviolable domain reserved for the personal discovery of truth, the site of the private pursuit of happiness; the once-sovereign inner world of human free will.But today, our bodies and inner world are fair game for government “mind control,” a leap beyond the more familiar world of manipulative corporate advertising. And perhaps the most vicious means of controlling and terrifying citizens—short of shooting them—are the new weapons now in the hands of defense-department funded neuroscientists and “neurotechnologists,” and beyond them, an underground world of compartmentalized contractors who actually deploy electromagnetic weapons on targets selected by their superiors. And DEWs are just one category of tools in the current mind-control apparatus, just one division of the armamentarium now technically classed as “nonlethal weapons.”Such electromagnetic weapons—also known as “new weapons,” exotic weapons, EM weapons, MC (“mind control”) weapons, political control technology, or psychotronics—are available in an incredible range of uses in the electromagnetic spectrum and beyond. “The weapons operate at the speed of light; they can kill, torture and enslave; but the public are largely unaware that they exist, because these weapons operate by stealth and leave no physical evidence,” writes Harlan Girard of the Institute of Science in Society in London. “By widely dispersing the involuntary human test-subjects, and vehemently attacking their credibility, it has been possible for the United States to proceed with these human experiments unhindered by discussions or criticisms, let alone opposition.” (x) There is even reportedly a new wave of criminal behavior called organized stalking which deploys such weapons of electronic torture, and which presumably (as stated above) serve the dual function of testing and carrying out all manner of behind-the-scenes vendettas. (x)Yet, at just the same time, and virtually to the same extent, neuroscientists are discovering unknown and unacknowledged powers and properties resident in this very same nexus of biological function, thought, feeling, and reflection. There is, indeed, an upside of “neurotechnology.” Researchers are in possession of fantastic new scientific knowledge of higher human capacities of the brain and nervous system, not to mention the psyche and “higher mind.” To its credit, current science has shown that the pineal gland probably produces DMT, a chemical agent linked to mystical states. A division of neuroscience research has accumulated evidence that that the brain is somehow “wired” for “God experience.” Brain scientists have even researched the Tantric Yoga teaching that the nervous system contains the potential of kundalini, said to be the seed and secret of evolution of higher consciousness.Indeed, we might say that, just to the extent that we have the ability to use new technology and science to enhance consciousness, to the very same extent we now have the ability to use the same tools to destroy the mind and psyche as weapons.The early days of political control technologyMind control, pain unfolds, I owe all your sensations Weakening, reasoning—mesmeric demolition—From the lyrics to Mind Control (Araya/King)The U.S. government first woke up to the threat of energy weapons when, in the early 1960s, it was discovered that the Soviets had been directing electromagnetic and microwave emissions at the U.S embassy in Moscow. This covert beaming caused a wide range of documented physical and mental illness among U.S. personnel, and very likely led to the eventual death of the U.S. Ambassador himself. (Ambassador Walter Stoessel died of a rare blood disease similar to leukemia.)The reality of these attacks was first discovered in 1962. The discovery quickly led to the initiation of a large and complex research project funded by the CIA and code-named “Project PANDORA,” which was initially tasked to study the effects of the Soviet microwaves on both animals and humans. Typically, the CIA did not inform the embassy personnel of the Soviet’s energy attack on them for many years, while it secretly studied the effects of the beams on personnel and even monkeys that were placed in the embassy. PANDORA scientists later carried out further studies on monkeys in laboratories thereafter, which significant results. Researchers soon discovered that animal brain waves could be altered directly by ELF fields; their brains would fall in phase with ELF waves. These waves could easily pass through the skull, which normally protected the central nervous system from outside influence. Many people don’t understand that electromagnetism is inherent in human anatomy and controls human physiology. Every time a muscle moves, there are electrical discharges. Brain waves are electrical, all the sensory information that moves through the body to the brain is electrical. Enzymes, which keep the whole organism of the body informed about various aspects about itself, are electrically influenced. Cell division is electrical, the signal for the body to initiate wound healing is electrical, and the heartbeat is electrical.Finally, in April 1976 the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sent the following telegram to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow that summarized the conclusions of the agency’s covert study of the Moscow signal.
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32 [M4F] Anywhere ~GA, USA – you aren’t bored, you’re boring.

32 [M4F] Anywhere ~GA, USA – you aren’t bored, you’re boring.
Selfish, sarcastic asshole. Cynical romantic. Renaissance man. Jack of all trades. Master of none. I won’t paint your portrait, but I can trace really good. I’m not gonna write you a love song, but I can change the lyrics so it’s as if every song ever written was for you… or poop.I fix computers for a Jamaican dude. My dream is to try stand-up comedy, but i’m not funny. Don’t call me a gaymer, but i have a love/hate relationship with Counter-Strike.I like nice BLT sandwiches, pumpkin pie, baseball, poker, science, history, true stories, penguins, deviled eggs, comedy, knee-high socks, disc-golf…%100 weinerless pics: won’t holler back with a picture. bet you wont.
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