How do I get rid of the Thalmor Justiciars?

How do I get rid of the Thalmor Justiciars?
So, I forgot the name of the quest, since I am at work, but the gist is this: Old lady and son in Whiterun are sure that their son/brother is still alive after being captured by the Thalmor. Option for major bloodshed or not. I choose the latter. End up causing bloodshed because I didn’t think to look for the rear entrance. Brother is alright, he gives me a little lyric to tell to mom, and boom, kosher. So now the Thalmor Justiciar is after me, randomly, and I don’t want to have to keep killing them because those dumb mages are dumb. How can I get these pricks off of my back?
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NEXT UP: UnityI, along with everyone else, did not realize that this was it’s own track for a very long time (some of you just found this out during the MINE discussion). Wish this was longer, love the passion in Frank’s voice, love what he saids about airstrikes, cool dude. This is definitely up there on my favourite Endless songs, and I always sing along really obnoxiously in the car.Run time: 0:57Lyrics: GeniusGOOD QUESTIONS TO ANSWER:Rating out of 10Favourite line or quoteThoughts on productionOverall ranking in albumExperiences or thoughts while listening to this songLet me know what sort of other things I can include in these daily song discussions to make them better.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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[TOMT][music] A song that contains the lyrics “and I stick my head out the window frame” (or along those lines)

[TOMT][music] A song that contains the lyrics “and I stick my head out the window frame” (or along those lines)
The singer was a woman, and the song felt pretty light-hearted. The song was used in an advertisement once; I’m fairly certain I heard it at least more than 4 years ago.
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[TOMT][Music] A song where I can remember the tune of chorus and (maybe?) one line in it, help?

[TOMT][Music] A song where I can remember the tune of chorus and (maybe?) one line in it, help?
I don’t remember any of the lyrics or tune other than in the chorus so here goes.The chorus is a male singing by himself, with a very passionate, long word sung followed by two others. I think it does this four times.I think the second line in the chorus is ‘Heal my soul’ but I’m not sure.For relevance, this line would be sung ‘Heeeeeeaaaaallll myy soul.’ With a descending note for each word.I remember it being a fairly popular song, if that’s any help.Sorry its so vague, its just driving me nuts! Thanks.
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i need some help trying to find academic sources related to 90s hip hop (like Mobb Deep, Wu, Nas, and DJ Shadow)

i need some help trying to find academic sources related to 90s hip hop (like Mobb Deep, Wu, Nas, and DJ Shadow)
So for my history of american pop culture essay we can choose any album/song/musical movement that greatly influenced or shaped American pop culture. It can also be an album (for example) that helped re-define a genre or a musical narrative.Not sure if this is the right place to ask these questions, but i assume some of you could be quite knowledgeable in this topicI’ve thought of several potential candidates in terms of albums i believe were incredibly influential. I’ve found a couple of sources already that related to some of these artists or themes but I’m looking for ur guys’ help to find new resources.My top 4 choices including the primary theme of discussion are;Mobb Deep’s Infamous and the unforgiving pessimism in their hauntingly vivid street narratives which reflected the real struggles of impoverished and disenfranchised African Americans living in violent urban projects that were flooded with drugs and crime. (This same theme could be applied to Wu tang’s 36 chambers as well). The reason why this is #1 is cause I believe I could focus on the whole idea that “you’re the product of your environment” and that while the Mobb/Wu guys all criminal histories, criminal involvement was simply one of the only forms of reliable income for children who grew up w/o any guidance, or future in an environment which was merciless to those who were unable to support themselves. Also criminal involvement was seen as one of the only ways of being able to “make it out” of their lifestyles as IIRC Wu (and perhaps same applied to MOBB) paid for their 1st full length album thanks to the crack selling prowess of Raekwon among others. Another big thing related to the above mention theme would be the idea that while initially mainstream media was quick to vilify many hip hop artists due to their questionable backgrounds, the honesty and lack of sugarcoating of lyrical content was a point of admiration and praise by many music critics as they helped create emotionally provoking narratives that could be felt/sympathized/understood by other people regardless of their race, economic standing, or country. A thing I also wanted to emphasize if i were to talk about either Mobb or Wu was their strictly minimal style sampling/production which helped emphasize the DIY and gritty nature of their music (Just think of cradle to the grave, the song is so chilling and captivating but there’s literally only 6 elements in the whole track: vocals, bass, kick, snare, hat, and that occasional teddy pendergrass sax sample)Nas’ Illmatic and how his clever use of wordplay (and overall lyricism) helped redefine the complexity and narration styles of hip hop. (The main difference b/w Nas and Mobb deep IMO was that Nas’ lyrics were written from an optimistic POV of a person looking out from their window at the destruction of their community by drugs, while Mobb/Wu tang lyrics reflected the nihilistic reality of life as a poor and futureless drug dealer trying to make a living in their hostile environment by any means possible)DJ Shadow’s Entroducing and how it helped glorify sampling culture (e.g. how it utilized songs made by many african-american jazz/soul artists), and particularly how sampling was innately anti-establishment in its nature (e.g. not paying for rights to use songs, or mangling songs to the point that they were indistinguishable by the original artist to claim copyright). A big i would want to emphasize here is that Jazz/Soul and Hip hop were extremely similar in their birth origins considering they were all originally African American forms of art which originated from the streets and became eventually accepted by the mainstream society. Furthermore, the fact that early hip hop producers focused on vinyl sampling was in many ways paying homage to the grandfathers of soul and jazz who were also african american. Also related to this point you could say that in many ways, producers were restricted to only using african american jazz/soul albums (IIRC Q-tip got the sample in “can i kick it” from his dad’s vinyl collection) as they were often more accessible and cheaper.The Zulu Nation movement (particularly Tribe Called Quest) and how they were able to show that hip hop was not inclusive to just street thugs and how their songs didn’t rely on thuggish braggadocio (as was previously the case) but were rather simple, easily digestible (by major audiences), often funny, and utilized light hearted/clever wordplays. The big thing here would arguably be the fact that artists like ATCQ promoted pride in African American culture, but weren’t inclusive in their approach and attempted to spread their art to the masses by showing that hip hop artists/producers (and africans in general) weren’t only thugs trying get a quick buck.ALL help is greatly appreciated. If you guys have any other albums you believe were significant in their influence or other potential themes in mind please let me know.Thanks!!
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