Hello everyone 😀 I gather all of the important article links in one post, so you can easily reach it. I just use metalgearinformer as a source because it was my personal favourite and it provided me the best information while waiting for V, so its kind of paying my respects to them. I always wanted to see a post that looks like information database. I did it because we are still uncertain if there is a ruse or not. We are either lost in the ruse cruise for a false hope that doesn’t exist anymore or we shouldn’t lose hope because there is a ruse. I challenge both sides to use the very same info to prove otherwise. Uncertainty is the worst feeling ever.Think of it as our NBGO timeline and information database. I hope this post will make it easier for you to re-examine the process and reach the information quicker. I want this post to be official, updated and everlasting. I hope I’m able to reach your expectations, otherwise I hope someone else will make a better post for the same purpose or just improve this one. I didn’t add less official ruse informations; such as all the 3rd song teases by Kojima, Mads Mikkelsen Advertisement or Sergio Canavero to prevent myself being lost in the concept.There are very interesting things to see like; how Kojima is still seeing Avi Arad, how Konami still making AAA games, how Kojima still teasing MGS. Which makes me think; what if David Hayter and Paul Eiding’s mysterious voice record in 2012 was for Ford promo released 7 months ago ? What if Kojima prepared everything related with the ruse even before releasing TPP? Or he may simply releasing a previous information as it is happenning now. Its up to you to decide everything. This is just an official information post. Here you go Diamond Dogs :2012Project Ogre Revealed Hayter does a secret recording states that he is unwilling to do a Metal Gear Remake states that he will make games until the day he will die; without Konami and not MGS games hinted. mentioned that he ‘changed the structure of the last part of Project Ogre’ posts a strange heroine artwork made a major FOX Engine Change (perhaps making MGS multi-platform) records a horror scene (First PT/Silent Hills motion capture hinted) Gear Movie Announced Collaborated wtih Sony & Avi Arad GZ Poster revealed: From Fox Two Phantoms Were Borned/XOF tweets after talking with Avi Arad possibly about location scout for the movie will be ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’ talks about MGS movie – still in early development and it will take time hinting Avatar in MGS V and he also stated that he would want to make a game with The Boss as a main character states GZ isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. There are big plans at Kojima Productions. Ogre is what the project that Ogre appears wants to pass the baton so MGS would continue another 25 years movie will be about Solid Snake’s Divide lyric interpretation/music recovered in Ep.30 Skullface Kojima BAFTA Interview talks about the future of cloud computing (GZ—TPP) states that he don’t like being Metal Gear guy Pain trailer released, David Hayter says that it makes his ‘arm’ hurt. Published for Phantom Pain says TPP is made by Moby Dick Studio and denies its his a look at where Hideo Works SAYS NUMBERED METAL GEAR GAMES WILL ALWAYS BE MADE BY HIM, OR AT LEAST BY HIS TEAM States that he Wants to Take a Risk with MGS V ask fans how would they react if he wouldn’t be the Snake (mocap already done with Keifer since we saw Snake at GZ but they didn’t publish English trailer) mentiones Episodic Content (which makes me think more will come after TPP) Keighley says Kojima is not Joakim, he is Swedish states he down’t like business aspect of being in a company, taking a gap year and choosing a Snake role for the movie David Hayter Confirmed describes the future of Konami Series Sells Over 33 Million Units received Super cool data memory card from Kyle Cooper Reveals Why He Created Moby Dick Studios ? says: I’m not even sure if i’ll be able to release the game! V Theme Revealed – Same Name with Never Ending Chapter ‘Race’ simply never told the Konami executives about the heavy theme of ‘race’ states that every Character in MGS V have lost something, which makes me think players losing the series is intentional is working on other things for the game as well, but they can’t say what they are MGS movie could take more than 3 years content hinted (KOF), player putting pieces together for understanding the story visits ICT (studio has created several CG trailers for big games) Inconsistencies Vu Mission is ready before Kojima-Konami break up (so erasing the markings could be coincedence) says cutscenes in MGS V TPP will be different and he wants MGS to continue for 25 years more after Kojima FOR A SUPER CONFIDENTIAL PROJECT’s mentiones Single Camera Shot Trick and posts wounded Real Big Boss after helicopter crash asked about Big Boss’s coma, Kojima replied: ‘There’s only once he’s in a coma, and to explain that you need to play toward the end of The Phantom Pain. There it will come together. talks about Metal Gear’s future without him (like Alien series did, passing baton to Platinum Games, del Toro) says there is a very cool secret in MGS V to the question if TPP will bridge the gap between Big Boss and Solid Snake’s story, Kojima said: “I’m so tempted to tell you, and I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t, the games will put things together in a very specific way term vision of ‘Fox Engine’ hinted (Kojima may develop Fox Engine before handing over the baton for MG’s new director) tries VR for the first time wants to prove Japanese High-End Games are still worth Playing feels there is a ‘risk that people won’t be able to finish the story’. Twitch Interview Geoff Keighley (Silent Hill, VR, Camp Omega in TPP and more) V DLC scouts Normandy,France in March 2014 V iphone cases (just reminded me new Kojima Productions logos) V GZ Release Trailer (When the mission is crucial you send in the best-he was always the best man we had; Medic) MG MSX gave Kojima lots of confidence (I bet he replayed it for TPP’s ending) Infiltrating Micromania hints it will be the last time he involved so heavily with a MG Game of Gruesome bomb removal scene (by narrative point of view he actually meant Medic) on GZ Opening Scene (FOX/XOF & Big Boss/Skullface comparasion) V GZ is less successful in Japan (such a lust for Pachinko) interview: Big Boss becomes Evil, passing on the series to a new director and how Fox Engine would help him (I think he created Fox Engine just to help new director to create similar quality games as Kojima) Will Suffer Serious Psychological Damage In TPP (Same with Paz Hallucination ?)’s 5 Favourite Movies (Possible Influences for MGS V TPP or MG Movie) Interview About Solid Snake (Mercedes Analogy) changing TPP based on GZ feedback (my guess is thats why Chapter 3 is hidden and not available yet; Once, story was added in the game, and taken as expiration once you clear the game. Game had been consumed.) Movie Update by Avi Arad: The Vision is in Place Kojima would thought ahead The Story of MGS would be different (team called ‘Outer Heaven’) Metal Gear Remake approved by Konami who play Director of MGS Movie (Kojima met with Jordan Vogt Roberts (Kong: Skull Island Movie)Comic-con this year) wears Outer Heaven t-shirt 2014 Kojima (LUDvigandENS Forsell ?) WANTS PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND BIG BOSS’S MOTIVES, BUT ALSO TO QUESTION THEM ‘MUST MAKE PLAYERS ACCEPT SNAKE BECOMES A DEMON IN THE PHANTOM PAIN’ Kojima in Hollywood praises MGS V TPP Trailer Kojima talks about whether Portable Ops considered as Canon or Not M.G.Informer released this article DOING SOMETHING NEW IS DIFFICULT, STAFF OFTEN DOES NOT UNDERSTAND, the one who understands exists outside instead of inside. QUESTIONS US DOMINANCE IN THE WORLD, PLAYERS WILL HAVE THE OPTION TO ACQUIRE A NUKE, AND MORE visits LA Studio (I guess what was Refn influences in PT) with Del Toro and Norman Reedus (Godzilla t-shirt!! He says it was half a year, which makes January 2014; secret Mocap for PT) shares MGS V GZ artwork and writes ‘Final version has arrived!’ Hills Revealed! (If there is a ruse just remember Fox Engine was originally designed for MGS & for the future MGS games but Kojima also mentioned Fox Engine can be used for different games too) on MGS1 Remake & Interesting comment about Skullface I’M NOT AT THE POINT IN MY CAREER YET TO BE PROUD OF ANYTHING Fan Remake (not developed by Fox Engine) Shutdown after approved months ago (Project Afterglow also sounds like Death Stranding and Outer Heaven Productions sounds like Kojima Productions in disguise, what if he check the pulse by releasing PT to decide whether to develop remake or Silent Hills) scouts Iceland Hayter on Cancelled MGS Fan Remake Boss in MGS 3 (If Skullface is Snake’s alter ego thats the exprience that creates the trauma, (2nd is Paz; innocent Boss look-a-like ) after leaving America and Cipher he create MSF, his first Skull logo organization just like the subplot Kojima mentioned) 5 years MGS V TPP is Nearing Completion V GZ is the 2nd best selling PS4 game (numbers are still low) analyzes 5 Snake Quotes in MGS3 that revealed his charachter Philantrophy 2 cancelled Hayter Talks About MGS Movie Station MGS3 (Tamari Cries, Yano San Analyzes) Who Own GZ Will Be Able To Revisit Camp Omega In TPP Hayter Teases Fan Questions (Kojima later corrects his view about playing the game chronogically) Characters That Could Appear In TPP (why didn’t they ?) Started With Ground Zeroes… must finish with Phantom Pain (Is it finished yet ?) FEEL I CAN RELATE TO SONY.. and I hope that I can continue walking with them in the future (before leaving konami) Series Surpass 40 millions (7 millions in 2 years) Burke Talks About Sins Of The Father BAKER CALLS MGSV ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE: ‘IT MAY BE THE BIGGEST GAME I’VE EVER SEEN’ Baker: there is a tie-in of course with the narrative and the gameplay. And you’ll be reading this one thing and you’ll be like: ‘holy shit, so this is actually what we are doing Pro Japan Interior WOULD LIKE AN OPEN-WORLD MGS1 REMAKE FOR PLAYSTATION 4 (BUT HAS NO TIME TO CREATE IT HIMSELF) Talks About Closing The Loop On The Saga‘Kojima Productions’ and ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’ have been removed Source Claims Kojima will Leave Konami After TPP Will Produce a New Metal Gear Title After TPP Spokeperson:all releases made under different studios will be centralized and coordinated from headquarters V TPP’s content won’t be affected by Restructure Station Suspended Burke Comments on the Situation At Konami History Of Otacon wins prizes at Famitsu but no one is there to accept them Focusing On Mobile’s Business Plans: Clear Divide Between Management & Creative Roles Del Toro talks about Silent Hills cancellation Eiding (Colonel) Interview May Play A Smaller Role In TPP / Horan Interview V TPP Promotional Pamphlets (Background Includes Nuclear Snake) V TPP Triump Motorcycle Revelaed Robotics Will Still Be Developing For Consoles (blames media for not publishing necessary content) Details About Triumph Bonneville (wish it was playable) Flynn Interview – MGS Should Continue Regardless I shall only look forward doing my best (George Miller) V TPP Will Really Make You Feel Like A Real Boss E3 205 Trailer GEAR SERIES HAS SOLD 41.2 MILLION COPIES Analysis Kojima’s Departure David Hayter Hopes To Be In MGS Game 2015 MGSVTPP Gameplay Info (Gameradar calls Man On Fire ‘flaming psychic projection’) Peeler Interview Talks About MGS Future Otsuka Confirmed Kojima Productions were Forced to Disband MGSVTPP Zero won’t be seen as much MGSVTPP BOXART (Without A Hideo Kojima Game & Kojima Productions Logo)-Phantom Studio – Joakim Mogren Game & Quiet Poster (Aftermath of Revenge) V TPP PS3/4 File Size DEL TORO: KOJIMA AND I ARE STILL WORKING ON DOING SOMETHING TOGETHER (‘Not Silent Hills’ maybe Death Stranding, Game Cancelled During Planning Stages, Pushing The Boundaries of The New Consoles sounds like what Yong Yea mentioned about DS) Collectors Edition Content (Incomplete Phantom Episode Revealed)’s tweets about MGSV’S theme and story Working Conditions In Konami (1984) 2015 Trailer in TPP will tie into Cycle Of Revenge (Kojima tease Chapter 3, Anti-War/Anti-Nuke evolution through gameplay, also watch the movie ‘remember’) Think about it at the end of Chapter 1 Kaz mentiones Phantom Pain Skullface gaves us, if noone would kill Skullface and finish chapter 1(or dont took revenge), Chapter 3 or disarmament event would be availale DEL TORO SAYS HE’S DONE WITH VIDEO GAMES I Will Keep Creating for the Rest of my Life Release Trailer (MGSVGZ-MGS1-MGS2-MGS3-MGS4-MGSPW-MGSVTPP, Big Boss becomes Skullface) Video by Kojima Edited (he didn’t mention that MGS movie was abonded)‘SAVE DATA UPLOAD’ OPTION ADDED TO METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES BOSS X BOSS COLLABORATION (Venom Snake used instead of Real Big Boss) GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN OUT NOW IN JAPAN (Same place where Donna Burke records) Legacy Video (Disarmament Track Used) VISITS JAPANESE STORES ON THE PHANTOM PAIN’S LAUNCH DAY (From Now On his Signature has a Peace Sign) THE PHANTOM PAIN SHIPS OVER 3 MILLION COPIES WORLDWIDE (Which makes 10 million during developing TPP) (Blacksite has Diamond Dogs helicopter,GZ conversations suggest that Navy Soldier Loads a Tranquilizer Gun to the Truck) Engine Overseer Has Quit Konami Stops Producing AAA Console Titles MGS CAN CONTINUE WITHOUT KOJIMA, KONAMI WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE THE BEST GAMES AROUND (MGS is SURVIVE Without Kojima) Begins TORO ON SILENT HILLS: IT MAKES NO SENSE THE GAME ISN’T HAPPENING (Last Of Us ?) Left Konami On October 9th (Konami Says he is going for vacation) OF NUCLEAR WEAPON OWNERSHIP ADJUSTED IN METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN On Missing Legs Carpenter Didn’t Sue Kojima Because he is a Nice Guy GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN HAS SHIPPED 5 MILLION UNITS’S COMPLETE MGSV GUIDE REVEALS HOW TO UNLOCK THE NUCLEAR ABOLITION EVENT (EVENT NOT A CUTSCENE) Shuts Down Kojima Pro LA and fire 35 employees (I wonder if Kojima takes them with him for Sony’s Death Stranding ) HAS BEGUN TALKS ABOUT THE NEXT METAL GEAR TITLE, ‘LARGE-SCALE INVESTMENT’ NEEDED has made the decision to close its Los Angeles Studio, effective immediately, due to the product development resources being restructured into a more centralized unit. EXPLAINS HOW HE MADE THE MGSV ‘NUCLEAR’ TRAILER (Debris Scene) HELPING ENGINEERS CREATE BIONIC ARM FOR AMPUTEE WITH ‘THE PHANTOM LIMB PROJECT’ REEDUS HAS FAITH THAT HE ‘CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE’ WITH KOJIMA AND DEL TORO ( it obviously won’t be called Silent Hills, but perhaps the spirit of the game could be revived under a new name. DEATH STRANDING) JAPANESE BESTSELLER NOVELISTS DISCUSS METAL GEAR SOLID V IS HOW MANY NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE ACTIVE RIGHT NOW FOR EACH VERSION OF MGSV (XBOX360 was very close I hope one of the less popular platforms would unlock so everyone can see the content) KOJIMA TO BE AT THE GAME AWARDS 2015? Burke Interview (Snake Eater Song Remake, Kojima will still be based in Tokyo, ) KOJIMA WAS NOT ALLOWED TO ATTEND TGA 2015 Enix criticize Konami Keighley Answers Questions About Kojima’s Absence (I don’t trust him, he knows something that we don’t) starts a new studio with his former team Info About Kojima Productions Announces Partnership Kojima Productions Discusses about his new Studio’s Vision Shinkawa Drawing Mercon talks about Working with Kojima HALL OF FAME AWARD TO BE PRESENTED TO HIDEO KOJIMA NEXT MONTH BY GUILLERMO DEL TORO Becomes 15th Best Selling Game In Japan (Proof that majority of Japanese likes to play shit games instead of Kojima’s masterpiece and why Konami wants to publish Pachinko) Gear Solid Remake’s 10 day tour (foggy like Silent Hill, reunion with Twin Snakes Director, Secret Preparation for Death Stranding Trailer) Capture (New toys of Kojima, probable Ludens Capture and Kojima’s face, I think we may transfer our faces with PS Camera to the game for creating an Avatar like in TPP) visits Sucker Punch (signs MGS 3 artwork) tries VR visit Guerilla Games sold 6 millions (jikkyou powerful pro yakyuu sold 19 millions) WANTED TO WORK WITH CLIFF BLESZINSKI ON SILENT HILL, BUT HE DECLINED (This guy is better for MGS not Silent Hill) & Del Toro / Dice from DICE I WOULD DEFINITELY LIKE TO EXPLORE HORROR AS A THEME (PT in a way for us was also an experiment to understand many things. Prepartions for Death Stranding ?) Yano Interprets MGS V Project attends Platinum Games anniversarry meets Platinum Games ON HIS NEW STUDIO: ATMOSPHERE IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE KOJIMA: I’M BACK IN THE FIELD WANTED KURT RUSSELL TO VOICE SNAKE IN MGS3, DAVID HAYTER SAYS (Why does he mentioned it now) GEAR SALE ON THE US PLAYSTATION STORE Museum VR Ads RELEASES FINANCIAL RESULTS FOR 2015’S NEW GAME IS SOMETHING THAT ‘FANS OF AAA GAMES SUCH AS THE DIVISION AND UNCHARTED WILL ENJOY’ Visits Dice Visits Massive Entertainment’S NEW GAME WILL USE A THIRD PARTY ENGINE (he entered a world that you never saw before, you never played before. Double meaning – also sounds like VR) Arm Documentary’S NEW STUDIO TO HAVE NO MORE THAN 100 STAFF MEMBERS (this could be also for preventing leaks and keeping the project secret)’S NEXT GAME IS GOING TO BE BIG IN TERMS OF EMOTIONAL IMPACT RATHER THAN SCALE Forsell interview 3 PACHINKO PRODUCTIONS REVEALS FACE OF LUDENS IN NEW IMAGE STRANDING REVEALED STRANDING INTERVIEW STRANDING THEMES / STUDIO GOALS STRANDING & SONY PRODUCTIONS’ TRIP TO LOS ANGELES (Kojima Wearing Jacket in PT, Meeting With Avi Arad(MGS movie producer), with Low Roar ‘let me write more songs for you’, McQueen Peace Sign Pachislot Promo Pictures is not Norman Reedus sometimes Say Kojima Is Crazy EXPLAINS WHY HE COULD NEVER STOP MAKING GAMES GEAR SOLID SNAKE EATER PACHISLOT GETS LENGTHY NEW TRAILER RESPONDS FROM KONAMI TALKS ABOUT HIS GAMING INFLUENCES AND CAREER: ‘I DIDN’T WANT MY CHARACTERS TO BE LINES OF CODE’ PRODUCTIONS LOGO ANIMATION (I’ll be coming back and I’m bringing my new toys with me) GEAR SERIES LIFETIME SALES HAVE SURPASSED 49.2 MILLION Peeler plays MGSVGZ(This is for people if you think you have to replay missions in a special order to unlock TPP Camp Omega missions by correcting timeline ) Pachislot İmages If you put my name on a product, only fans of that author will watch or play it – and that’s not what marketing wants. (Maybe TPP removal was Kojima’s choice or we are going to play a game without his name on it if there is a ruse) Survive Announced GEAR SURVIVE WILL BE A PARALLEL STORY, WON’T BE INCLUDED IN THE WHOLE SAGA SHARES PICTURES OF PHOTOGRAMMETRY STUDIO (Mads ?) ON THE PROLOGUE IMMERSIVE ADVISORY BOARD 51 is not the Ending (At the End Of Ep.51 We Saw NYC where Zero is) WANT MY GAMES TO CARRY A MESSAGE Teasing PT (PT, Talking Bag, 9/11, Del Toro) Del Toro is definetly in Survive Gameplay (One of the biggest fatal error is there wasn’t Diamond Dogs yet after the destruction of MB but supply drop suggest that there is or something different is going on, maybe these guys will end up being Skulls or Mosquite, whoever go out from here will have eyes like Kazuhira & Code Talker ) reacts to MG Survive (disappears afterwards) Cox Leaves Konami (you can’t afford to lose this guy×514.jpg ) Gameplay on VR GEAR SOLID SNAKE EATER PACHISLOT PLAYTHROUGH VIDEOS (Which team remade this scenes and when ?) 5 CREEPIEST MOMENTS
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