a message of thanks and things to come

a message of thanks and things to come
Guys I know there has been a lack of content for a while now. I am currently working to get back on my feet so the content has been sparing, but the beginning part of the year the Bit’s and Pieces channel will be rebooted with all new content and new faces. I just hope you stay with me and spread the word to make the channel grow stronger. Also down the pipeline I will be starting streaming on twitch again hopefully with some people that got me started a long time ago. Ashley Womble John Moseley Kat RobertsonAlong with that I will be introducing a couch co-op series with Jonathan Littleton and hopefully we can get James R. Hall and Jim Douglas on board. Along with that you will start seeing some lyric videos from local bands in my area as well as getting back with my great friends at the Goblin Traders for more shop life and shenanigans with Bryce Martin Gary Willis Thomas McCalvin and the rest of the gang.The important thing though is to pick up the pieces and pull my self back together, so hopefully once I’m back in tip top shape we can continue making the channel stronger and building a community of games,local business,local artists and friends alike and have a ton of fun while we build something special. So if you haven’t had a chance I urge you to go to http://www.youtube.com/thepants06 and twitch.tv/pants06 and hit the follow and subscribe button. This will mean the whole world to me and I promise we will make things awesome.
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