B1A4 – Good Timing (3rd Album)

B1A4 – Good Timing (3rd Album)
Full AlbumTracklist:TrackComposed byLyrics byArranged by01. Intro: Time진영 (Jinyoung), 문정규 (Moon Jeonggyu)—-02. 거짓말이야 (A lie)진영 (Jinyoung)진영 (Jinyoung), 바로 (Baro)진영 (Jinyoung), 강명신 (Kang Myeongsin)03. 너에게 한 번 더 반하는 순간 (Moment I Fall for You Again)진영 (Jinyoung)진영 (Jinyoung), 바로 (Baro)진영 (Jinyoung), 캡틴플래닛 (Captain Planet)04. Good Timing진영 (Jinyoung)진영 (Jinyoung), 바로 (Baro)진영 (Jinyoung), 캡틴플래닛 (Captain Planet)05. 악몽 (Nightmare)신우 (CNU), 구름 (Gureum)신우 (CNU), 바로 (Baro)구름 (Gureum), humbert06. 꿍에 (In a Dream)진영 (Jinyoung)진영 (Jinyoung), 바로 (Baro)진영 (Jinyoung), 캡틴플래닛 (Captain Planet)07. Sparkling신우 (CNU), 곽우랍(RWAM)신우 (CNU), 바로 (Baro)곽우랍(RWAM)08. To My Star신우 (CNU), 구름 (Gureum)신우 (CNU), 바로 (Baro)구름 (Gureum)09. 멜랑꼴리 (Melancholy)진영 (Jinyoung)진영 (Jinyoung), 바로 (Baro)진영 (Jinyoung)10. 내가 널 첮을게 (I Will Find You)진영 (Jinyoung)진영 (Jinyoung), 바로 (Baro)진영 (Jinyoung), 문정규 (Moon Jeonggyu)11. Drunk on You진영 (Jinyoung)진영 (Jinyoung), 바로 (Baro)진영 (Jinyoung), 강명신 (Kang Myeongsin)12. 함께 (Together)진영 (Jinyoung)진영 (Jinyoung)진영 (Jinyoung), 문정규 (Moon Jeonggyu)13. 눈이 오면 (When It Snows) (CD Only)진영 (Jinyoung), 캡틴플래닛 (Captain Planet), Zigzagnote진영 (Jinyoung), 바로 (Baro)진영 (Jinyoung), 캡틴플래닛 (Captain Planet), Zigzagnote
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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