[FAN ACCOUNT] 161127 Super Seoul Dream Concert 2016

[FAN ACCOUNT] 161127 Super Seoul Dream Concert 2016
This account is gonna be slightly short on the girl groups. I’m sorry folks. My brain was all over the place at the concert. I’m also forgetting a few groups because I don’t remember what order they were in?My seat was on the ground and it was really good because it was right by the middle stage and I got to see a lot of the groups enter that way or leave that way. I was also by the end so that meant INTERACTION! Also, my row was basically a line of Shawols with one AROHA next to me. We all had a fun time. While waiting for the concert to begin, we saw the first group walk by towards the stage and it was Pentagon. Insert a row of SM followers freaking out because JINO FINALLY DEBUTED! JINO IS FREE! We then also talked about Johnny and Hansol and Kun all needing to be debuted soon. I made the point of Johnny being so multi-talented that there isn’t a group ready for him to join.BACK ON TOPIC!Pentagon performed and they were really good. I enjoyed their stage. KNK ws next and they were good. As KNK were performing, SF9 walked towards the stage so I got to see them and made eye contact with a few. I wasn’t able to get Rowoon though. HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL IRL! But Zuho! OH MY WORD! Zuho is just godly. SF9 went on stage and did Fanfare and I was doing the fan chant. I’m bummed they didn’t do K.O. because that song is so lit and the opening choreo. Y’ALL. Rowoon also had some of the members crouch down for people taking pictures. THIS ANGEL. When they left the stage. they were waving and bowing the entire time. MY HEART.I believe Oh My Girl performed next but I can’t remember anymore because all of a sudden I saw ASTRO! Fellow AROHA and I basically tried our hardest for them to look at us. And they did. We made eye contact with Eun Woo and waved a lot. For a split second Rocky looked like Jonghyun from the side and my heart literally dropped. Will have to keep an eye out on that kid because I will not be okay in a few years if he keeps this up. Ahem. Anyways. While they were waiting to go on, I caught Sanha’s eye and gave him a heart. AND THEN HE GAVE ME ONE BACK. NOONA DOWN. NOONA DOWN! Then I gave Eun Woo a thumbs up.AROHA next to me was taking pictures so she gave me her banner and light stick to support them. They did so good! I’m so proud of my little babies! And I noticed a few things I haven’t noticed before in the choreo. Instead of ending Confession like they usually do they suddenly started doing Polaris and I was not prepared at all. At the end, they all did these little faces and poises and it was so memeworthy. I love these dorks. The lights went down and they started to leave but their mics were still on so we heard them laugh. STAN THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE!Now is the part where I really can’t remember most of the concert so I’m using the notes that I took down. Like I said, sorry about the girl groups being low. I literally could not focus on any of them for the first time in my life.NCT 127 came out and I counted 7 members and a part of me went “Johnny isn’t joining them. Yet. Oh boy.” Once again, their outfits were just hideous. The people behind me were talking about it. Trust me. WE KNOW. WE KNOW THEY WEAR HIDEOUS THINGS. WE WANT IT FIXED TOO. This was my first time seeing NCT 127. I’ve seen NCT Babies I mean NCT Dream in September at a different festival. Mark though. My boy!This is what I wrote down for Seventeen: Vernon is so hot.So when Seventeen came on, I literally died. Just died. They did Very Nice and Mansae. Once again, Very Nice is basically death for fangirls. All of the boys look so good. RIP Carats on December 5. They walked by us towards the end of the song and naturally I was like “VERNON I LOVE YOU!” We were also yelling at Hoshi and waving our SHINee light sticks at him. You know Hoshi was fanboying that SHINee was there. They ended the song and then made a loud noise and Vernon’s face. He was Hansol at that moment. A living meme. They then talked about their comeback and mentioned they were doing Mansae. Mansae is still one of the best songs OF ALL TIME! Love these dorks. And Vernon was just straight up fire. THIS BOY IS GONNA END ME ONE DAY. When they finished, I was literally clutching the chair in front of me screaming in emotional pain.AOA basically slayed me once again as did EXID. TWICE is literally a darling group. Just…so wonderful. They did TT and Cheer Up and the noise level during Cheer Up. Lordy. Red Velvet was also really good. They performed Russian Roulette and Dumb Dumb. I miss you Yeri. GFriend was good as well.VIXX pretty much slayed as usual. Concept kings. Just wow. Also Starlights. My god. The fanchants were so loud. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO loud. Also Ravi. You need to be stopped but don’t stop.B.A.P was pretty much art. They performed their entire set by us and the choreo was just incredible. Skydive is such a good song. I love it. ART I TELL YOU. ART.BTOB went after that and Peniel my darling! You can tell he is feeling more confident after announcing his hair loss. My heart was literally swelling up over him. The fanchants from Melody were really loud as well. Impressed. They finished, MCs started talking, and I looked towards the main stage and they started setting it up for THEM.Little back story: the whole reason I got into kpop was through the kdrama You’re Beautiful. Honggi and my co-UB, Yonghwa, were in that drama.FT Island started setting up and you could tell it was going to be live. And I mean LIVE. They were going to be playing their instruments. I started screaming right away. I was yelling out Minari at the top of my lungs. My friend a few chairs down was like “holy lungs girl!” I HAVE NO SHAME FOR MY LOVE OF FT ISLAND AND MINARI! The boys came out and started messing around with their guitars and that was when Honggi said “We’re doing this live” in Korean and I screamed again. I screamed a lot. It was an honest to god hard rock concert. Best 10 mins of my life. They did Take Me Now and Pray. I was screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs for both. I also yelled “Minari” when they were leaving really loud. I HAVE NO SHAME.Finally, it was time for SHINee. My brain was still a mess from Saturday. Actually, it will be a mess for the rest of my life. Our row was ready. SHINee came out and my heart stopped. They looked so good and they were walking this “we are here to destroy you all” walk. Well they accomplished that the moment Tell Me What To Do began. The choreography. The outfits. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG IS LITERALLY SEXY. It was my first time seeing it performed live as well and oh god. My heart was weak. So weak. Send help. Literally send help.After Tell Me What To Do ended, they greeted us and then started walking towards where we were sitting. There was eye contact and waving galore. They then mentioned they were going to do 1 of 1. OKAY LET’S DO THIS BOYS! During the song, we were able to get some eye contact from the members. My friend got eye contact with her UB. 1 of 1 is so good. I love it. I just love SHINee. I really do. They finished the song and that was the end of the concert. They waved at us and Jonghyun stopped and had this look in his eye that said “why is there something familiar so close by?” You see nothing, Jon Snow. There might have been a little eye contact.Overall, the night was fun. It was pretty good. Now I’m dead tired and I have 5 days to prepare for Jonghyun’s concert.
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