Hold Steady Tattoo?

Hold Steady Tattoo?
Hey all! This is really dumb, and maybe y’all can’t help me, but I figured where else to look than a fan thread?I’ve been tossing around getting a second Hold Steady tattoo on my leg because I’m a big, fat super fan. But having a hell of a time coming out with ideas. I’m a visual kid, so I like imagery and color. I don’t want lyrics–nothing wrong with them, I just don’t like how they look on my body. I want an image that just embodies the essence of the music. Horses, anchors, water towers, crosses? The only thing I don’t want is the “Stay Positive” logo because, well, that’s the first tattoo.Fellow fans, I have to ask, what sort of images or scenes leap out at you?Thanks for putting up with my vague posting!
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Submitted by Holdfasthrowit

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