My unnamed feeling about St. Anger.

My unnamed feeling about St. Anger.
Upon first listening to everyone’s scapegoat of less-than-stellar Metallica, I wasn’t actually madly in anger with it. I feel it’s really the inner workings of the guys (James and Lars, in particular) being translated to music. James was in rehab for intense alcoholism, and Lars was facing public hatred (Napster). So what came of this? Muddy, down tuned guitars with no solos, some bass heavy tracks (a welcome thing, in my book), passionate and less refined vocals sang over angst ridden writing, and the trash ca- I mean snare drum. And it’s not as horrible as I thought.The riffs have some real groove to them, and are my highlight to the album. My personal favorites being the intro riff for the title track, the Unnamed Feeling’s last chorus (where the guitars hit), Purify’s main riff, and Shoot Me Again’s chorus riff. I just think that solos would be cool, I get that these songs weren’t written for it, but I’d enjoy some cuts of extra stuff (lengthy repeats in songs) and add a section of repeating main riff for a solo.On the bass, there isn’t a whole lot to say. It’s strange, I can’t name any real bass highlights, and yet, I know it’s there, and ever present, but I don’t quite know how.The drumming is trash, Lars’ worst, easily. The only okay part of it is anytime he lays off that snare, such as in the Unnamed Feeling.Vocals are strange for me. As a teenager, I like the lyrics, a lot, in fact. But as a musician, I know that it’s weak writing, and should be less angsty and more clever. Although, I particularly like “my lifestyle determines my deathstyle” as a truth and lyric.Overall, St. Anger is a 5/10. It’s a product that could easily have been better (it’s Metallica for Christ’s sake!) but didn’t need to be. It needed to be not so good for it to get the point across that Metallica as a whole was in a bad place. But that’s my opinion on a first listen, so feel free to comment an opinion or something.
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