[Project]-[Dayton, OH Area]| “Effulgent” An Electropop/Pop Rock Band

[Project]-[Dayton, OH Area]| “Effulgent” An Electropop/Pop Rock Band
Hey guys and girls!I’m posting today to sort of do an “updated” version of my old post to fit the more detailed “idea” of what I want my project “EFFULGENT” to be. The last 5-6 months this project has sorta been my baby, and is something I truly believe would be a fun exciting sound to add to the Dayton scene.”EFFULGENT” is going to have a lot of Dark Electronic, Pop, Rock (PVRIS, BMTH, influences) sound wise, lyrically it will be dealing a lot with the darkness of humanity/depression and trying to bring light into is. The way I have described this project since day one was to be used for “healing” and to sort of be a way to let out all the darkness and bad shit in our souls to find the light in the darkness.I want to automatically set this band apart not only musically but with shows, I very much want to have that sort of heavy metal, metalcore show feeling live, while also maybe actually putting on a show(through visuals, all that jazz not just having a typical banner behind us, etc). I am currently in the process of writing the lyrics of the EP, and we’d mostly need a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and keyboard so if anyone at all is interested in checking the project out i’d love to hear from you! Thank you guys I hope you all have a great day!
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