[TOMT][Song]Indie song, sounds like The Beatles

[TOMT][Song]Indie song, sounds like The Beatles
I have been trying to find this song for weeks but no one seems to know it. It sounds like a Beatles song, the beat is kinda similar to the beginning of A Day in the Life. The lyrics in the chorus go something like “what’s playing over, what’s playing on the line” but it could also be similar words, as I couldn’t hear the words very well. Those lines were repeated multiple times during the song. There was also an instrumental part. There was piano in the song, very Beatle-ish. The piano also kinda sounds like the intro of this ELO song. Male singer. Genre might be rock or folk or even pop, I’m not sure. Any ideas?
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by infinity-8

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