(30/M/USA) Would love a pen pal!

(30/M/USA) Would love a pen pal!
Hello, I would love to write someone, haven’t written a letter to anyone in so long but it was one of my favorite things to do way back when.I’ve almost died twice this year, so think I am extremely lucky! I absolutely love listening to all kinds of music. I love going to concerts, next show I’m going to is Chet Faker aka Nick Murphy. My friends usually think if it’s not an artist from the U.K. that I won’t like it but that’s not true. Extreme bonus points if you like the Arctic Monkeys tho :)I love to google lyrics when I hear a line in a song I am absolutely in love with.I love the outdoors and love to go on amazing hiking adventures and appreciate what most people don’t. I Live for the peace of mind that is rewarded when doing so.I traveled to South America earlier this year and met some incredible people along the adventure. When you travel alone a stranger is just a friend waiting to happen!I have a poem that I wrote in 2010 that’s been sitting in my rough drafts this whole time. I still haven’t found a title for it and only maybe like four people have seen it. It has made me want to start writing again even if it’s just simple thoughts, dreams, experiences or even exchanging letters with a pen pal.Don’t have that much time to watch television, but when I do want to watch a show or movie, I’ll usually stream it. Last show I watched was Stranger Things. I’m at around season 4 on Game of Thrones. I gave up on The Walking Dead at around mid season 3. Last movies I watched were Whiplash and Moonrise Kingdom, I made my friend watch them, since he just came back from out of state and has never seen either. Only movie I can think of, that I want to watch in theatres next is La La Land.Not sure what else to put here, I love animals, I have a golden retriever, his joints are so out of whack that he has trouble on the hardware floors, so we bought him little boots so he won’t slip and he kind of smells funny but I love him.
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