A little glossary for our non-German speaking visitors

A little glossary for our non-German speaking visitors
Dear non German speakers. The_Schulz is about the most awesome Martin Schulz, currently President of the European Parliament, future Chancellor of Germany and President of Europe. As Europe is multi language and multi national, we naturally welcome all of you, no matter what language you speak or understand. Alas, while the GOD EMPEROR himself hears and speaks all languages, us mere bridge and train engineers do not. Until we engineer the means to simultaneously translate all posts into all languages, as the parliament does, we will have to improvise, as a small help, I am now providing a couple pointers.This is mainly about satirizing Drumpftown. One vehicle to do so is ‘translating’ their slogans to German, often deliberately obfuscating them, referencing a rather old style of German humor, whereby ‘hack’ translations from English to German are made.FREUDE means Joy and is simply the first word of the lyrics of the Anthem of Europe, the Ode to Joy. As this Subreddit is about Unity, both the song is frequently linked and the lyrics pop up in the comments.Chulz (Schulz), sometimes the first letter gets abbreviated, changing the pronunciation of the name ever so slightly in German, leading to a harder first syllable. Sch is spoken softer than Ch in this word.Hohe Energie = High EnergyHöchste Energie = Highest EnergyMehr Energie = More EnergyTraurig = SadHochschulzen = Upvote’Build a Wall’ is changed to ‘Build a Bridge’ to welcome everyone.Brücke = BridgeBrücken = BridgesBrückenbauer = Bridge BuilderBrücken statt Mauern = Bridges instead of WallsTausendfüssler = CentipedesZug = TrainZugführer = ConductorSchulzug/Schulzzug = Schulz TrainNachtzugbegleiter = Night train attendantBremsen = BrakesBremsfunktionalität = Brake ‘functionality’Bremsfunktion = Brake ‘functionality’Ohne Bremsen = Without BrakesNiemals Bremsen = Never BrakeNotbremse = Emergeny BrakeWir taten es wirklich = We really did itMettmenschen = Mad Men (Mettmenschen is not a word, Mett is German for uncooked minced meat which we spread on bread, the pronunciation is the same as the English word Mad)In Vielfalt vereint = United in diversitySeid Ihr schon des Gewinnens müde = Are you tired of winning yetKeks is a German word that translates to Cookie.Brechend = BreakingMEGA = Make Europe Great AgainDWGM = Deutschland Wieder Groß Machen = Germany Make Great AgainMacht EU Größer Wieder = Make EU Bigger AgainSGW = Sein Gesicht Wenn = His Face WhenJeder sagt so = Everyone says soKuckuck / Kukuck / Kukuk / Hahnrei / Cuckoo = CuckoldFrau Kepetry = Frauke Petry = Alt-Right leader in Germany, similar to Marine LePen in France, luckily very little real political influence in Germany as for now.Sigmar Gabriel = Former candidate for Chancellor of the SPD before Martin Schulz took overAngela Merkel = Former German Chancellor, before Martin Schulz takes overTschuTschuTschu = ChooChooChoo = Sound that the Schulz train makes, while it drives straight into the German Chancellery without stops, because it doesn’t have brakes.Please us the comment section to ask questions about memes and lingo and to have them answered. Questions about the sub itself are addressed here.
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