A song lyric for those demoralized by a relapse

A song lyric for those demoralized by a relapse
I’m so glad that he let me try it again’Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sinI’m so glad that I know more than I knew thenGonna keep on tryin’Till I reach my highest groundStevie Wonder “Higher Ground”Great Version by Playing For ChangeGuys (and girls), if this was easy, anyone could do it. It’s not, it’s a war. It’s life-and-death, and it matters.It matters not to cause pain to ourselves, and to those we care for. It matters not to fritter away our finances, our health, our potential. It matters to be a good person, a kind person, a bringer of joy and harmony to our worlds, instead of the chaos and confusion we usually fling about recklessly.It matters to live a life where we don’t have to say things like “I’m sorry” and “It’ll never happen again”. It matters not to have people look at us with trepidation, or fear of our rages.This matters. We matter. YOU matter.So don’t give up on what matters. As I said, this is WAR, and war is a series of battles. Some of them you lose, you learn, you get up and keep fighting. Because you’re fighting for something that matters.If you’ve relapsed, don’t quit. Keep trying. Again and again if you have to. I’ve managed to stack up a couple of days in a row, but I relapsed, too. Twice in 2012, and again in 2013. I felt awful. I felt like a complete piece of crap, a failure, a horrible person, a loser. A writeoff.But sobriety mattered to me, so I tried again. I changed my plans. I got help. I learned, I worked, i ground down the clock, and then the calendar. Because it matters.And I am glad I did, because now I can type these words to you, and tell you that you matter, and that your fight can be won. And THAT’S what matters to me now. Not my own sobriety. Yours.So if you relapsed, remember, it’s not over. Don’t give up.Higher Ground. In every war, in every time, Higher Ground meant victory, but Higher Ground had to be fought for.Keep fighting. The view from up here is worth it.
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