Anyone else find incredible satisfaction in God?

Anyone else find incredible satisfaction in God?
While writing the title, Klove radio played a song which lyrics said,”You can be satisfied.” I wrote the title with intent to elaborate before it happened, but is one of those mini coincidences.I have everythjng I want except for a wife. But I’m probably more satisfied than people who even have a great wife and don’t know God exists. I tell God I’m better off with him and with everything else without him.God makes for a good friend. Tell him about your day and stuff in prayer. He gives hope and even if we die in this life, hope remains.God gives purpose in life to spread the Good News. We can help others. We can be good to others. It can give meaning to life to serve God. And it is deeply satisfying.Even if God doesn’t promise awesome blessings, just having what we have to get by is enough. Having enough to get by and knowing eternal life is for real is good. But God will bless us greatly possibly in this life and definitely in the next. Anything you imagine can happen if God willed it. Ever get a high from a fantasy? That is just a taste of a beginning of what reality can be like.So I get tremendous satisfaction from God. It helps that he let me know he is real. I wish all of you knew God is real and loves you.
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