[Help] Making a depressed protagonist believable

[Help] Making a depressed protagonist believable
I’m trying to write a story based on Metallica’s Unforgiven trilogy, in which a boy is enslaved by a group he later calls ‘The Unforgiven’. He eventually escapes from them after many years, but he must spend his life running and hiding from them, becoming reclusive and paranoid. At some point, he meets a woman, who he starts to fall in love with, but is scared to open up to her in case she is one of the Unforgiven, which (perhaps predictably) he later learns she is. In an attempt to protect himself, he kills her in her sleep. He then realises he has become everything he hates about the Unforgiven, and the final act deals with him falling into depression, and eventually committing suicide. What should I do/avoid to make this last section believable?This is an idea I only came up with today, so everything is loose and fuzzy and details are easily changeable, but I don’t want to move away from my interpretation of the lyrics too much.
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