[Humour] Clash Royale-related text, badly translated

[Humour] Clash Royale-related text, badly translated
What this means is that I take text and translate it to several different languages in a row, then back to English.Sidebar:We showed super tip cell trembling on royalty-free mobile. This game combines elements of an online multiplayer arena with collectors game tower defense onions. Royal tournament, up to 3 personality effects. We are on the stage to participate in the discussion!Theme Song lyrics:Shock!Royal family!Everyone can choose a fight!Shock!Royal!There is a lightning bolt and a skull!Play the players in real time Destroy round in real time!Write down your army and take a position, now you have the advantage. Kill the king and take the crown of the crash!Royal!Try it yourself, guys!
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by WeGotClanWars

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