It’s “Christmas Album” season!

It’s “Christmas Album” season!
… and I really really love this album!The A-side is great, I think I even prefer the “little deuce coupe” remake to the original. But my favourite song iiiiiiiiis Christmas Day whoaaa so amazing those two different melodies that sound the same:”and though it comes…””it’s worth the wait…”(I had to actually try and play it on the piano to realise they weren’t the same.) I love Brian’s work on the lyrics too, the organ in the middle and of course Al kills it on his first lead!The covers are great too, impeccable arrangements from Dick Reynolds and the most orchestral Beach Boys you’ll ever get until Adult/child if I’m not mistaken.Obviously my favourite christmas record by anyone, followed by ex-aequo Frank SinatraandWeezerWhat about you guys. Do you enjoy it? What other Xmas albums do you like? What about Christmas Day in particular?
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by PaintedJack

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