Last Night

Last Night
First time posting, been writing for 20 years (poetry). I’ve just started listening to country. Met a girl in this little town, just moved from city. It’s about us. Anyway, she’s still married (separated) to an abusive husband with 5 kids. I’d love to write for someone who can play. I can also write pop, rap, and folk/alt. The reason there are comas is because I’ve found a way to listen back for structure via text to voice on IPhone via the read back of notes. I copy text and scroll right to chose “speak,” which helps me a lot. You can set up here: Settings, General, Accessibility, Speech, then speak selection. Just highlight any words and a robo-voice will speak your lyrics.Last NightNot sure I can, Sit right here, And watch this train, fall off those tracks, I’ve been thinking, all damn night Girl, How you said, you’d be right back,How many times, you been down that road, How many more , times than fair, If it could ease, all your heartache, I’d fill your life, with all those prayers,Will it take, another country road, Another week, of sleepless nights, Another gun , against your head, To get you thinking, Damn he’s right,Will it take , one more lost home, Babies shaking, through the night, Another hit or, gas gauge light, To know this life, just don’t feel’s not gotta be, right now I know he’s, coming back in town, Hit me up, when he’s left again, Because you know, it’s going down.Last night I looked, in your eyes, While you slept, and dreamt away, Thought if I just stole, your heart, How we’d make, a life someday,It’s a story, love writes well, A back road, cabin on a lake, Fireplace, You and me girl I’m telling you, it’s not too late,To live and love, and hold you tight, Without, that constant pain, Let him go, He’s got to know, Girl it’s time, to change the game,Last night I sat, and wondered how, your heart, held up today, And if I said, I loved you, Would it help, keep him away.Next time, when you see him, That fear, the hate, and fight, Just wrap, my arms around you, And try to think, about last night,As I thought, how can we do this, Holding back, so there’s no fight, With you and him, I’m wearing thin, You know damn well, that it ain’t right.I’m not sure, I can stay right here, And watch this train, fall off those tracks, I’ve been thinking, all damn night girl, How you said, that you’d be right back,If there’s not, another fire, Another day, Another night I hope those kids, make it down those stands, to tell me then, that you’re alright,I hope I see them, at a football game, Girls cheering, from those sidelines, Boys running, down that field, Wonderin if you, made it through last night,I hope they say, hey mom look, Guess who, is here tonight, That guy, who loved us all, The one we thought, would treat us right,But I hope, you see my face, And you say, girls it’ll be all right And whip around, that old black truck, Down the road, for one last night.I’m going to, Sit right here, Until I see, those headlights, Down the drive, into my arms, Last night, could be our life,The chorus could use some work, just put it back in once, but a singer could mix it up. Critique please.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by Maninloves

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