Lyrics and the process thereof

Lyrics and the process thereof
I like to think of myself as a pretty good songwriter – mixing familiar influences together but overall coming out with something I feel is unique. That being said – my biggest bottleneck is LYRICS.I am curious to how others think / brainstorm / craft lyrics, where they draw their inspiration from, and what helps it feel “right” and “complete” (probably basis for another thread).This is how I do it, although it is quite cumbersome, inefficient, and lengthy in time….I hear a chord progression in my head or figure one out on whatever instrument I have handy – then I hum a melody, then I shape the melody with vowels (which help decide a rhyme scheme), then I try and mold these vowels into words by putting consonants around them or futzing with words that have those vowels. Asinine, I know – it either pours our in short bursts, or won’t come out at all.I know it varies from person to person, and even song to song, but what was the process and inspiration and feel good factor of your last song you are proud to share. For those who have not heard my music you can check it out at – I would love to hear your comments.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by SMooseTunes

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