Recommendations on Karaoke system to purchase as an upgrade to my current system

Recommendations on Karaoke system to purchase as an upgrade to my current system
Pretty straightfoward. I currently have a VocoPro HERO-REC that I like quite a bit, but I’m ready to upgrade now that I know I’ll use it. I mostly use my current system to host karaoke in my own home for other parties, but I also use it frequently on my own to record vocals to playback and continue honing my skills as a vocalist.I recently have started bringing karaoke to parties hosted by others as well as work-related parties and functions when requested; it has been a huge hit! Unfortunately, I have found my current VocoPro system lacking in a couple of areas since doing this. The lack of any kind of HDMI output makes connecting the system to something like an Ipad to get access to online song libraries way more complicated than it should be, and I haven’t found any ways to have the video from the ipad display on the TV or monitor with the sound split to the vocopro system. So, the last two parties we’ve been stuck having to crowd around an ipad to read the lyrics. If anyone can think of a way around this, I’m all ears.Second, I don’t think my current vocopro system has any kind of pitch correction. While I personally don’t care or need it, it does keep quite a few people who may otherwise be on the fence about joining to bail after realizing anyone who sings will be all them. If the system does have it, I haven’t noticed or figured it out.TLDR; can someone recommend a good mid-to-high end karaoke system that has both the ability to output video via HDMI and is also capable of real-time pitch correction?TIA
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