sleepless nights

sleepless nights this is my second poem in a timespan of years. Therefore I’m not as experienced as many of you. English is not my native language either.I would like to receive some feedback with pros and cons, and please keep in mind that i’m new to this so don’t be too mean about it. I don’t even know how a poem is supposed to be structured so i just went with what felt right. therefore my feedback maybe wasn’t really detailed because it’s hard to give feedback when you don’t even have a clue about anything yet.3am and i keep watching the clock every minute is another wasted remembering how good your lips tasted we thought we got our future on lock back when we were not afraid of being reckless i opened up about my insecurities, you say you love me and kiss my freckles but as the months went by, i have faced it like a flower, everything eventually stops growing but everytime i see you, i can’t stop from glowing and reaching inside to give you what from you I had stolen i can’t show you what i feel, my issues are too real i’ve showed you my scars, you’ve tasted my tears, you’ve suffered because of my fears and if there’s anything you’ve learnt over these years exposing myself is something with which i can’t deal but my mind wanders off to forbidden lands whenever you hold my head in your hands when it’s good, i mentally leave and it’s the same old dance i should have protected you from me when we were friends that way i couldn’t hurt you, everything was still fun your soul gets darker everytime you reach out and i’m gone but my past has taught me that in dark times i must go on and stop hurting the ones that love me, admitting i’m wrong before everything that i’m depending upon starts to fall apart, leaving me broken at twenty-one for all the desperate times i’ve hurt you you still caress my face and tell me i deserve you and i don’t see how you can pull through every heartbreak i put you through you said i treated you like dirt too but in the end there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to make your arms my safe place and make me accomplish all i do but deep inside we know that if it weren’t for you i would be the one that wouldn’t make it through because the reason for everything good is you you stood there in the cold and what i did to you was cruel and as i stare at the broken ceiling in this messy room, i still try to understand why i have been such a fool with deep regret i look outside the dark sky reminds me of my sins somewhere the sun shines as the day begins but the darkness seems to last too long everything i loved about me has died i was wishing for the stars as i cried even though i knew wishing was wrong i had to be a star, write the lyrics to my own song in any crowd of people i have never felt like i belong i was a weak girl in a world where you only survive if you’re strong the only dream left to pull me along is to write my swan song i close the curtains, turn off the lights dream of a future without these sleepless nights
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by poetrygirlthrowaway

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