Song Discussion #46 The Power Of Equality

Song Discussion #46 The Power Of Equality
I’d like to mention that you can click the link in this post to view all the other songs we’ve discussed in the past, I’ve seen some song nominations that we’ve done before that people might not have been here for.Welcome to the Song Discussion. This song was selected by /u/newtreesmell. This is the tenth edition of November. This time we are doing ‘The Power Of Equality’ which is from the 1991 studio album, ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik.’This song is an attack on racism and inequality. It is in the style of the rap band Public Enemy, who are mentioned in the third verse: “I got tapes, I got CDs I got my Public Enemy.” It was also slightly promoted in June 26, 2015, in the celebration of same sex marriage in the USYou can vote for the next song by nominating them hereSong: The Power Of EqualityAlbum: Blood Sugar Sex MagikMusic Video: NoneLive VideosWashington, DC 1998Turin, Italy 2016Slane Castle 2003Released: September 24, 1991Times Played Live: 139Lyrics: HerePrevious SotW: HereSongs Completed Here
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