Theory about Prospekt’s march/Poppyfields

Theory about Prospekt’s march/Poppyfields
Before I start i’m sorry if this is cannon and already known, ive only been following Coldplay for a few months.Now what I think is that Prospekt’s march/Poppyfields is a song about war. The title alone is almost a giveaway. Poppies? A flower often associated with war and a march like an army marching. Now look at the lyrics Smoke is rising from the houses – The war has burned themPeople burring their dead – obvious oneI ask somebody what the time is, but time doesn’t matter to them yet. – They know the war will last ages and time is unimportant.People talking without speaking, trying to take what they can get – desperate time and they are trying to get what they can get.I ask you if you remember, Prospekt how could I forget – Remembering the past.Drums, here it comes – The other army comes, also drums can be associated with war if you think about it.Don’t you wish that life could be as simple, as fish swimming round in a barrel. When you’ve got the gun? – wishing life could be simple, unlike war.Oh and i’ll run – Running away from the warHere it comes – The enemyWe’re just two little figures in a soup bowl trying to get the anaconda control when I wasn’t one – Talking to his friend saying they are just 2 soldiers in a much larger picture.Here is lie, on my own in a separate sky – Lying on his own as he has been hit, in a separate sky could indicate heaven.I don’t wanna die, on my own here tonight – He doesn’t want to die on his own especially in the midst of war.Also the instrumental at the end (poppyfields) is quite peaceful, maybe the soldier died and found peace?Again if this is already common knowledge and I am late on a massive bandwagon sorry.I hope this changes the way you look at an already awesome song.
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