Three days have passed.. Here is my review.

Three days have passed.. Here is my review.
So three days passed since Starboy dropped. I listened to the album over 60 times, saw the big quint reaction and read many opinions.  First of all I want to say that this is my opinion and I just want to share it with you, also English is not my native language, but I am going to try my best. Here is a overview before I go deeper for those of you who TL:DR. Favorite Tracks: Party Monster, Ordinary Life, Reminder, Attention Least Fav Tracks: All I Know +Very constant, almost any song has a very good catchy hook+Topic is still the same, girls, drugs and sex+Much Pop, some electronic (Daft Punk’s production is goat), many genres -Much Pop and other genres, not very much dark rnb vibes-Lyrics are very simple in lots of songs.. (that’s what Pop is about tho)-No real storytelling, just many, some good some bad, songs rolled together Alright, lets go:  Before I start typing all my thoughts about his new shit, y’all gonna accept one fact that I struggled with too for a long time. Our boy is a starboy. He took the pop lane and it is good that he did so. I fell in love with Trilogy and Kiss Land, I disliked BBTM and I dislike the fact that he is going this pop lane but it just makes sense for him. Just put yourself in Abel’s position. He wants to make it big and you cant reach that by doing Trilogish or Kiss Landish music. Pop and Radiohits are the music most of the people out there are listening to. He wants to catch up to Drake and he will do with this album. Drake did Marvin’s Room back in the days and it was a fucking awesome dark song but look at how much love it became and now look at One Dance. Or The Hills, CFMF, Earned it. He needed to take this lane to grow his fanbase. At least he stuck to his roots with the topic and his gang.  I really hope that one day, when he really killed the fucking pop game and had enough, he will return and will at least do Kiss Land 2. (He mentioned in the Zane Lowe interview that it’s the only album he could imagine to do a sequel to.) Until that we can just accept the fact that he does other music now and deal with it. I’ll start by rating every song: Starboy (8/10):This song is fucking awesome, the lyrics are great, the production is dope. The music video was fucking amazing too, he kills BBTM Abel, breaks all his awards, destroys his luxus appartement, sets all the suits in which Abel went to the Award Shows on fire and leaves Hollywood with the P1 and a cat, which turns out to be a Puma (yes, Puma commercial money incoming), which turns out to be a girl if you watched mania. It could’ve been the best song on the album if it hadn’t dropped as a single, I heard it too often in such a short time. Party Monster (8/10):I love Party Monster. I played it at a birthday party when I was drunk and everyone loved it, it has some dark vibes and I really liked the lyrics, even if some are repetitive as fuck. False Alarm (5,5/10):You either love it or hate it. It will be fire at the concerts and I also think that False Alarm – The Hook = Good Song. The Music Video was lit as fuck! And I love the ethiopian outro. Reminder (8,5/10):Awesome Flow? Check. If it ain’t XO then it gotta go? Check. Hilarious lines about his Award for a Kids Show? Check. Cheesy Line about Lo Mein? Check. Awesome Hook? Check. Rockin’ (6,5/10):Much Pop-Electronic. Good hook, but dont like the verses and the beat. Secrets (7,5/10):Lyrics are not that creative, but it’s really catchy and the hook is awesome. True Colors (7/10):Slow, but catchy. Hook is Pop but awesome, I really fuck with this song and I also am going to fuck to this song. he he he. Stargirl Interlude (7,5/10):This one is difficult. Vocals are fucking awesome, sound is fucking awesome, but it feels so out of place. Listen to True Colors into Stargirl Interlude into Sidewalks. This is a really nice dark song, I would love a full song like this on a Kiss Land 2, I love Lana. Sidewalks (7,5/10):I waited so hardcore for this song. This fucking verse from abel goddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Shots at Drake, Jeremy Rose or at us XO Fans for telling him we made him and he should’ve making more dark music? I guess we’ll never know. Interlude to Kendrick is awesome and after you make it through the SAY SAY SAY Part, Kendrick’s verse gets very lit. Six Feet Under (6,5/10):I don’t know why they changed this song man. The leaked version is much better in my opinion, I swapped them, but if you didn’t hear the leaked version and you like the album version, then keep it. I’m gonna talk about the leaked version. Some trap vibes, some pop vibes, a little bit dark. Verses are okay, Hook is very nice and Outro too. Love To Lay (6/10):Pop, a little bit electronic. Lyrics are not vey good, production is lit tho, hook is catchy and nice. A Lonely Night (6/10):I get some fucking MJ vibes from this song. It’s very poppy, but I like the hook and the verses are okay too! Attention (7,5/10):Cashmere Cat did a very good job on this one. I love the beat, the lyrics are nice and it’s a slow song, we can sex to this one. Ordinary Life (9/10):This. Song. Is. Fucking. Awesome. Closest Song to Trilogy/Kiss Land vibes on the whole album. It’s very deep, he talks about how he would trade everything for a halo if he could, oh my fucking god. Hook is fucking awesome too, this gotta be the best song on the album imo. Nothing Without You (7,5/10):Starts slow, not very creative lyrics, but song is catchy and a little bit darker. Hook is awesome like in almost every song on this album. All I Know (4/10):This song man. I expected too much because I fucking loved Low Life. Abel’s Intro and hook are very nice, but the song is too fucking slow. It takes too long to get to Future and Future got some trash lyrics and flow, I ain’t feeling this at all. Abel saved this song from being a 1/10. Die For You (8/10):Our boy Abel is alone again.  Side Info: He posted ‘Alone Again’ some times and the whole crew posted it too. I really hoped that this would’ve been the Album Title and that the album would’ve been a lot much darker.. a man can only dream I guess, however let’s get back. This Track has so much power in it. You know why? It’s fucking fresh. It’s about the break up off Abel and Bella and got finished a week before the album’s release. I fucking love it and I get goosebumps every time thinking about Abel going into the studio after breaking up with Bella just to give us fucking this. (He said that it was recorded a week before the album’s release in the Zane Lowe Interview.) I Feel It Coming (8/10):The Lyrics are good, the hook is awesome and.. goddamn it, I fucking love Daft Punk. The Vocoder in the hook killed me. An awesome song to close this album. To round this up, all I gotta say is: If Abel never goes back to doing dark music and sticks to this poppy lane, I guess I’ll learn to live with it if he keeps giving us stuff like this. The album is constant, lots of songs got replay value and the topic is still the same. If Trilogy is a 10/10, Kiss Land a 9/10 and BBTM a 4,5/10, then Starboy is a 7/10. It is definitely a Pop-Album. If you just loved The Weeknd because of his Trilogy/Kiss Land stuff and you really don’t like poppy songs, then this album is going to disappoint you. Give it a try, listen through the album some times. It has much variety, you’ll find at least one song you fuck with. Thank you for reading boyzzz, XOTWOD Fam!
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