TIFU by laughing at sobbing Syrian refugees in front of my boss

TIFU by laughing at sobbing Syrian refugees in front of my boss
Okay, just to get this out of the way. I am a dumbass, and I feel terribly about the problems in Syria right now. Just felt like I had to preface this fuck up first.I was listening to the Weeknd’s new album while scrolling through my facebook feed at work. Needless to say, I wasn’t terribly impressed with some of the lyrics.I was humming along with “Party Monster” while surfing facebook, just absent-mindedly listening. You know those videos that automatically play when you reach them? Well one about Syrian refugees sobbing about their dead brother came on. It was really fucking depressing, so I stopped scrolling and started watching it.All of a sudden, the Weeknd started crooning about some girl who drinks tequila “by the liter” which was just some terrible rhyming and lyrical skills. I burst out laughing imagining this poor girl trying to drink that much tequila. I don’t know why–it just made me crack up. She would die. Probably.Big mistake. My boss was behind me, apparently captivated by the news story about the Syrian refugees. She couldn’t hear the music (or see where it was coming from) and apparently the story had just gotten to the graphic bit about their brother dying.We had a very tense talk about workplace appropriate behavior and being culturally sensitive. I feel like an utter ass. Maybe I am an ass.TL;DR: The Weeknd is a terrible lyricist and now my boss thinks I laugh at dead Syrian children in my spare time.
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