[TOMT][song] Inspiration for Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black

[TOMT][song] Inspiration for Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black
I’m looking for a song similar in melody and rhythm to three phrases in Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black. The song can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJAfLE39ZZ8The start of the song mirrors The Supremes’ “Baby Love,” so perhaps the song I’m thinking of is from them too or that era.The phrase that reminds me of another unknown song shows up five times in Back to Black: 1:18, 2:08, 2:25, 3:22, 3:39″We only said goodbye with words” “I died a hundred times ___ ___ ” “You go back to her, and I go back to…There are two beats with no lyrics in B2B, but have lyrics in the song I’m thinking of. It follows the beat pattern of “we on-ly said good-by with words” at least twice back to back, where as in the B2B song the end two beats ___ ___ don’t have lyrics in the second phrase.Those 8 beats and the driving rhythm make me want Amy to sing two more syllables after “I died a hundred times” and that expectation makes me think that there really is another song that uses those same 8 beats with 8 syllables of lyrics.The closest I’ve come is MacArthur Park, which has that same driving, building rhythm and repeated phrases, but with 9 beats “some-one left a cake out in the rain.”Can you think of another candidate? Thanks!
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