“What More Can I Say”, praying elmo one day can leak it in better quality

“What More Can I Say”, praying elmo one day can leak it in better quality
First, let me start off with saying that besides the Frances Farmer demo, “What More Can I Say” is my favorite track on MOH. Especially after seeing the Capitol Lake commercial that Elmo provided with his last awesome leak, I am really wondering if perhaps he would be able to bless us with that track one day. I listen to it loud, or in my headphones, and I’m pretty sure he never actually says “What More Can I Say” so I’m pretty unsure as to whether or not to even consider this to be a “working title” for the song. I just love his falsetto-sounding voice here, and the song can bring up emotions so far down inside me that I forgot I could feel them. I wish that I could hear what he is -really- saying, but the quality on MOH is lacking. I really wish that Elmo could prove to us that he isn’t only associated with WTLO but also has access to other sources of music. Anyway, the point of this post, besides my rambling, would be to ask you all here if any of you have read or deciphered the lyrics to this song. I read this subreddit every day, sometimes numerous times a day, and am up to date with everybody here. I’m just hoping maybe Elmo would open up this particular thread one day when they are able to and decide to release this true gem to everyone here. I’m going to try and decipher the lyrics and post them up sometime next week. Thanks for reading guys
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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