wonderful old people

wonderful old people
Also sorry for grammer and spelling errors.I live with my boyfriends parents. a act that must never be forgotten. His father runs the household like a dictator and has since Boyfriend was a kid, no friends over, no pets, must be home right after school didn’t exactly help with BF’s social relationships. A trait I have allowed into our relationship. A trait I am trying to get him to overcome by going out with his friends.however, his father is an asshole. he is one of these old people who are under the assumption that just because his age number is bigger then mine I don’t deserve respect but he should collect all of it.A fact that again must never be forgotten.now onto the interesting bullshitting things.1) we are not/ have not ever been ALLOWED to pay rent. I scream ALLOWED because when I move whole provinces to be with BF I had to give my job and my role as a ward of the state (foster care) which meant I have no parents to help me out of this hell hole. I never have.Rent was never asked of either of us, a point I was grateful of when neither of us (me and BF) had jobs. yes BF didn’t want to get a job because he wanted to do was die, be left alone and play video games…now when BF got a job, I carefully approached the concept of rent with the wife/ mother. and I was informed we would never be asked to pay rent. I told her I’d happily give her 250 of BF’s money to help with groceries and other bills. again, I was informed that it was not necessary. so instead of relying on them to pay our food (a another annoying thing we’d never be able to forget “can’t believe we just spent 300, we spent 300 last week. Jesus Christ.”)So, I made BF buy groceries to last two weeks enough for dinner, his work lunches and snacks. for a very long time we only had one shelf (not a whole cupboard a shelf in a cupboard and a shelf/draw in the fridge, one shelf in the freezer and half a tiny freezer for two weeks of food.) eventually I acquisitioned us the whole smaller cupboard by cleaning up, OCDing and inventorying the food in the house that wasn’t ours. I was ok will not having more room in the fridge and freezers. however, this limited our ability to buy grocers as a constant concern for me (the shopping list maker) was wheatear or not everything would fit into our space in either location. Eventually this allowed feed into our diets as we couldn’t buy food for three meals, not because we lacked the money because there was no space to put it in.When I moved in I quickly learned that the state of the house was not because BF or wife/mother was impaired physically. (chores of any kind never get done here, expect for dishes which I will get to.) the first thing I learned about chores were they couldn’t ever be done when Father/asshat (as I have come to call him behind his back) was home. And if chores were done and Father/ asshat didn’t know about them he would freak out. The first attempt at chores I ever did was washing/ cleaning the bathroom. I had gotten my bucket filled with hot soapy water when wife/ mother runs in and tells me to stop that father/asshat was sleeping and that I wasn’t allowed to clean the house. I was like hmm ok then I’ll it tomorrow. I’ll just leave this ice pail (that bucket) here in the corner so no one notices it/ trips on it. Don’t worry about it Lettuce. And she really, really meant that I should be concerned with cleaning at all. The second attempt was to clean up the kitchen, throw out the old food and attempt to make some room in the fridge since wife/ mother always seemed to be concerned that there was no room in the fridge. This went better than the tub, Father/asshat was at work (sitting in a truck driving around… yes for most truck drivers I applaud you because with my chef background I need you like goths need sun block. The reason for this annoyance will be brought up later.) asshat/ father gets home, opens up the fridge to get himself something to drink and says “what the fuck is this horse shit, who’s moved everything around, why dose it smell like a sour lemon in here.” I had used dish soap to clean the entire fridge both inside and out because they didn’t have proper cleaners. I have lived in this house for almost five years now and the longer I stay here the bitter I get. I am a foster kid I am used to having to deal with incredibly shitty people, shitty houses, and shitty roommates. One thing I never, ever, ever thought I would hear myself say, and something I have been saying a lot lately “I wish I lived in [insert old foster family/ old group home]. Although I didn’t ever get respect in the foster homes and I always the one that did the dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed and looked after the kids at least the house was clean. And the group homes weren’t horrible compared to this house, yes the roommates could be annoying little shits but was mostly because they were just as mad and annoyed and hormone filled as I was. And then I moved here.I moved here and all I want now is out. And there is no out. Me and BF wanted split a few years back and I looked for somewhere to go. The first few months I was I looked for a job so bad and then I attended “spring board to success” which was supposed to land me in job, which it didn’t. all that happened at spring board was getting taught how to be an employee and at the end nothing was done, no job was opened and the few people I talked to after the program told me that the spring board thing looked like I was an addict. So, I wasted that time. I had no job and had to stay where I was. No parents. No backup. Just me as always, expect now I didn’t have the pretty government money that was the difference from shitty, mouse infested roof over my head or attempting to make an igloo in the middle of a chinook (homelessness).Tonight, I got annoyed because I had made a pact with this stupid house that I get the fucking kitchen at 8:00pm-10:00pm (more like my time is 8-9:30ish and BF till 10pm so he can go to work). I stay out of the kitchen when others are in it because the counter space is so limited and I consider it very rude to do so. So asshat/father decided that he need to make a peanut butter sandwich (or he would die I am guessing, fucker gets 3 meals a day made and served by his wife while he sits on his ass because he is retired.) so I get annoyed, storm into the kitchen grab my fish fingers and French fries from my one shelf in the freezer and proceed to make my dinner. I answer for him when his wife asks “what are you doing?”“making a sandwich, because if he doesn’t he’ll die.”“well, YOUR making food so you don’t die.” He hisses at me. Wife sighs knowing the fight is coming.“hmm nope, I’ve gotten used to eating one meal a night.” Instead of a come back annoying asshat starts singing, not words, just random mouth noises, not humming, not attempting to leave the kitchen as fast as he can, not apologizing, just the fucking mouth noises, eventually I have had enough. I storm back to my room grab my phone and play Marilyn Mason as loudly as my phone will go. Because I just can’t anymore this fucking house has taken my fucking patients. So asshat leaves the kitchen and I prepare to sit down and wait for the oven to preheat while the phone keeps singing because asshat is still making random mouth noises and yelling at the TV. Not loudly talking. Yelling. This is the new shit comes on and I say, loudly for him to hear. “wow my favorite song, maybe I should yelling the lyrics at the top of my lungs.” And then as if to prove that he is the biggest of all asshats and the owner of the house. He YELLS. “hey [BF] you up yet!” I want to punch something. Like seriously want to punch something. I poke my head out of the kitchen and hiss. “really, you’re goanna pull that card?” “I can pull whatever card I want it’s MY house.” “yes it is, however [totally wanted to just scat some epic swear words here], you live with three other people. You don’t live alone. Don’t you think that other people should get respect, because shockingly you don’t live alone.” To this he glares at me and says “it’s my house I pay the bills.” And I wish I had something in my hands because I would have acted like a child and threw it at him. Instead I reply with “yeah, ya do and if this fucking house was rentable I would fucking pay rent. But it’s not so find some fucking respect for the other three people you live.” I march back into the kitchen, throw the food into the oven, get my phone and go back to my room before BF freaks out. BF hates that I will not back down from a fight when it involves his asshat of a father. Wife/ mother hates it too, she kept telling us to stop but I have had it with this asshat.He tells his wife she is fat, when due to physical aliments she finds it hard to move around, she washes the dishes, dose their laundry, makes his dinners, serves him drinks and gives into his stupid TV demands because IT’S HIS HOUSE AND HE PAYS THE BILLS. Today wife/mother fell in her room and I was going to get up and check on her when asshat says “wow you are such a fat idoet.” To which I said out loud so BF could hear, “nope your still the idiot” I knew getting up would only end up in fight. So I just did my homework instead of having a fight. (which ended up happening away cause he’s an asshat.) He used to tell his son he was a waste of space, to get a job, to move out. This wasn’t like a you turned 18 and now I’m goanna tell you how I feel about you. This wasted space, job crap has been happening since BF was a kid and he had a data entry job as one point, a job he really, really liked. But asshat/ father told him it wasn’t an actual job. (this is where he was a truck driver and just sat on his ass all day comes in). so BF naturally depressed and friendless because of his epic parents quits job to play video games. We meet online, move in, most of the shit from above and then BF gets enough self confidence to apply for another job. Gets hired right away and from the stories he tells is an employee other employees like hanging around, he got a group of friends he likes and is starting to like his life… “I don’t know why you want to work there, it’s not a real job.” Asshat pulls this card just as often as the “I live another” card and “it’s my house, I pay the bills” card. As the rules of this reddit form states I don’t want you to get up in arms and shit. I just want one other person to read this and be like “wow your life, that asshat, such a dick” so I don’t have to feel like a crazy person.This was oddly relaxing screaming at word doc that will get turned into a post hopefully. I should do more of these. Leave your questions and such a dick comments below and for the love of all that is gothic [hehe] have a better life than me.TLDR: asshat is a fuckface, who is rude to everyone but owns his own house and therefore dosen’t need to respect the other three people living with him.
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