25 [M4F] Introvert looking to get to know someone

25 [M4F] Introvert looking to get to know someone
*I’m located pretty damn close to the 4th and king’s street caltrain station.But yeah, I’m looking for someone to grow close to – I certainly have nothing against friendship, but I’d like the idea for it to go past that, eventually. I’ve never had any interest in one night stands, fwb’s, or similarly superficial connections, so if that’s what gets you off, hard pass!Given how my time is pretty flexible, I might get along best with a student (any art students out there? Hah), but it’s generally not really a big deal. Seriously though, I’ve taken courses online for a while because it’s arguably easier for me to learn that way, and building any sort of connection people through there is practically impossible, ugh.Anyway! A bit about me; I’m Asian. I love everything creative, as well as learning new things, even if they don’t necessarily align with my own interests. I’m very lighthearted and laugh easily. While I’ve cut down on my gaming time because I’ve felt guilty spending too much time on it recently, it is still an interest of mine, as well as movie nights, cooking, reading, drawing, and most introverted activities. Fitness is a big deal to me as well, so I’ve been going to the gym four to five days a week. Sadly, I just don’t eat enough to really bulk up.Although maybe just to get right out there and say it, I’ll provide something more specific: digital/traditional art, fantasy/sci fi novels, writing, philosophical debates, coffee shops, gym, hiking/walks, and music that I have no idea how to categorize (they tend to be light on the lyrics). Need I mention anime/manga? It sounds so dorky, but admittedly true.I have made previous posts (not in this sub) that have more information about me though, so if interested, feel free to take a look….I might as well include pics: http://imgur.com/a/7RkeI
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