4 Snakes on a Razor [Lyrics]

4 Snakes on a Razor [Lyrics]
I got my sister, I got my mama, I got a brother, I got a papaI got an uncle, I got a lean, I got a stance for every other sceneI got a bed, ain’t got the time, nothin’ but tonight ever gonna be mineI got my jacket and honey I got it for free F E CAin’t nothing in it gonna worry you or gonna worry me F E C I got my passion, I got my lungs, I got a bucket for every one my tonguesI got ideas, got policy, I got your number, you don’t know meI got my taxes, I got my dues, I got a million and a half to loseI’m too big to get myself in the mailboxI keep my life in a dirty pair of old socks I got my car, I got my station, smell so much gas I’m high on inflationI got my seat, I got my belt, this has gotta be the hardest road I’ve feltI got my tags, I keep ’em hid, I got my hazards and I shut my lidYou’d wouldn’t tell it by looking my wayThat someone so loud got nothing to say I got my porch, I got my lawn, I got my boots they don’t always stay onI got my webs, I got my blush, my neighbor Jeb’s still holdin’ his flushHe got my key, I must’ve dreampt he, came in the door, left my house emptyI got convictions but I got more restrictionsI’ll marry any man who can cure my afflictions I got my hopes, I got my dreams, I got my lady, I got my other schemesI got my voice, it’s kinda coarse, I got a saddle and it don’t fit my horseI got my friends, I got my boss, for all I got, I still get lostI got my hair and it’s goin’ down to my feetY’know it picks up every little thing on the street
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