Welcome to the first round of the battle tournament, where all the riff raff will be eliminated. The final prize pool is $74.02, with $52.81 going to the champion, and $22.21 to the runner-up. Special thanks to /u/cesarjulius for taking care of the funds and everyone who donated extra money. If you wanna donate further money send to ibr.the.official@gmail.com (send to family/friends, leave a note saying “MHH Battle Tournament”).TOURNAMENT BRACKETThe person listed first in each matchup vertically will post their verse first. This means /u/calamity7, /u/Arsdivine, /u/Jeffo12345 etc.SCHEDULEAll verses must be 16 bars, and posted by 11:59 PM EST of the day they’re due. Please use Soundcloud and put your lyrics in the description.Rapper 1 Verse 1: Thursday, December 1Rapper 2 Verse 1: Saturday, December 3Rapper 1 Verse 2: Monday, December 5Rapper 2 Verse 2: Wednesday, December 7BEATSFor each rapper’s first verse: And Fell the Snow by /u/Youkulele98For each rapper’s second verse: Killers 16 by /u/MaskedManFromTheUKJUDGES/u/IbrahimT13 – me, organizer of tournaments 5-8, winner of tournament 4, runner-up of 6/u/MCShereKhan – organizer of tournaments 1-3, winner of tournament 6, runner-up of 3/u/suckaduckunion – organizer of tournament 3.5, winner of tournaments 3 and 7/u/Tocci – living godTBDEvery verse should be posted as a reply to the previous verse. Each comment should also include the names of the battlers in bold (i.e. Rapper 1 vs. Rapper 2). Here’s a good example.The only top-level comments should be rapper 1’s first verses, and the general discussion comment, which is where all miscellaneous discussion should go.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by IbrahimT13

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