Communist music vs Nazi music?

Communist music vs Nazi music?
So this is my opinion. The lyrics are so much better in the Communist music. What I mean is the red army music. It also has a better flow to it. Nazi music is just banging instruments over and over and screaming something over and over. No wonder nazi bands these days suck. One thing the nazis where not good at was music. I know you will say that Nazi music is better. Well I dont no one nazi song that popped in my head before listening to all nazi songs. Also Communist music gives you will to fight. It has much more popular songs like Kalinka. You cant say nazi music is better, listen to both and even if you are a nazi. Come on it is way better like seriously, it is! I am a nazi and I cant say the nazi music is better, it is clearly not. Remove context of it. You say – I cant because then its not a good song. Well then you are brainwashed.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by J-Man46

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