Different recordings on Prolonging the Magic?

Different recordings on Prolonging the Magic?
This is something that has bugged me for years and I’m wondering if anyone knows the answer as to why there are different recordings of certain songs on Prolonging the Magic.I purchased my first copy of the CD many years ago and listened to it all the time. My car was broken into at some point and my collection of CDs was stolen. When I purchased a new copy of the CD to replace the one that had been stolen, I noticed that two of the songs on the album were different.Here’s the original version of You Turn the Screws that was on my first copy, and here’s the newer version you can hear on the new copy. The difference can be heard in the first 10 seconds, the newer version has an extra bar during the opening.Hem of Your Garment is more than just a difference in the opening, the changes are everywhere. Here’s the old version off the first album I had, and here’s the new version.Anyone have the story behind these differences? I’ve asked Cake through email before and never got a response. I know there are “explicit” and “clean” versions of this album, but I thought that that changes were only to the case. I don’t think there are any changes to the lyrics in the songs.
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