Ever had to walk away from something good?

Ever had to walk away from something good?
This just ran across my mind because there was a post about one of the meanings behind one of the White Ferrari lyrics which is Here . I actually had an experience not too long that was almost described perfectly as that intake on the lyric. I just feel like I kind of have to share it because Frank opens a lot closed doors for me. I went to see The 1975 in Nashville with a group of friends and met a guy in the crowd while we were waiting for the opener to start up the crowd and intro the show. We talked about tons of stuff about The 1975 and even Frank Ocean was brought in the conversation. We flirted back and forth and gave compliments and even when the show started we ended up wrapping our arms around each other and danced along and sang along to the songs. I didn’t even know this guy or really know much about his life in general. It’s crazy to think about how living in the moment can really pull us into another world. It ended abruptly when I had to leave two songs short before the show ended because my friend was driving and his mom was freaking out about us getting back on time. I awkwardly said I had to go and we both just kind of looked at each other waiting for someone to say something, I was about to ask for his number or social media or something, but I just said I had a really great time and turned my back and walked away with my friends to leave the arena. Do anyone of you have any stories similar, or only falling in love with someone just for that day or night or moment? I’d love to hear them.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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