Girl sent me a song, does it mean anything?

Girl sent me a song, does it mean anything?
I’m 17, she’s 17. I’ve been crushing on her for years now but we only recently started really talking, and now we text everyday. So basically, here’s the sitch. I was talkicg to her yesterday when out of the blue she sent me a link to a song. It’s kpop, so I know it’s gonna be a terrible song, but that’s beside the point. She was very demanding that I listen to the song with English subtitles on and said that the song is cute, and has a really good meaning. Sooo, I watch it. And the song tells the story of some guy that’s been crushing on a girl for a while, she’s perfect in every way, she’s all he wants in life, blah blah bla (cheesy k pop lyrics haha). And I don’t know what to really say at this point, so I said something along the lines of “ya, that was a cute song! And the meaning was super cool.” And she replies “hehehehe” then emojis. So my question is, is she randomly sharing a song with me, or does this mean something? She’s a very confusing person to understand, and since she hasn’t liked me in the past it is now harder to believe that she has any sort of feelings for me now. But I feel like things are looking up now that we’re talking everyday and whatnot as compared to just in school. So thanks in advanced guys and gals! Any advice/opinions is greatly appreciated. Have a beautiful day 😊
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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