I hate chainsmokers

I hate chainsmokers
I’ve been sitting on a musical idea for almost almost half a year. I even heard a voice, in my head, (2nd time ever) say a key word of the unfinished lyric of the song.But… I knew something like this would happen ever since I vowed to keep myself alive long enough to change the way the world listens to music.In the chainsmokers new song, The texture and rhythm of the woman AND the main annoying melody has floated around my brain for months before they released the song.Now I turn the radio off and request others to turn the radio off/down every time the song comes on.It’s a slap in my face.It’s the universes way of telling me this world will move on without me. Eventually all my ideas will be the originally ideas of people in a position to act on them.And I remain stuck.Sending emails (no more) to people who are too busy to tell me they supposedly listened and enjoyed it.Stuck in this terrible fog of false perception.Stuck viewing the world thru the lens of depression.I can never feel good enough to be productive enough to have a tangible peice of creativity that I can be proud of and use as a perpetual motivator.I can never remember how good it feels to feel good when I’m doing one of the few things I enjoy.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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