I tried to make an overview of all unreleased Julien Baker songs.

I tried to make an overview of all unreleased Julien Baker songs.
Sprained Ankle has pretty much been the soundtrack of this past year for me. Since I’m very curious for new music by Julien (Apparently she already tracked 20 songs, so why not a double album next year) I decided to search the web and tried to scrape all the material I could find in this overview.Funeral Pyre (formerly known as Sad Song #11) Probably this one is already known to everybody who will read this. It became very famous since the Tiny Desk concert and it’s almost always included in her live shows.Red Door (sometimes referred to as ‘Break My Heart’ or ‘Happy to Be Here’) “If I could be what I want I’d be an electrician…” She played this one when I saw her in Brussels and it showed Red Door on the setlist. She played it live since march/april and there are multiple youtube-clips named ‘Julien Baker – new song’ that turn out to be this one. There is a youtube clip where it is called Happy To Be Here (it’s also once on setlist.fm on this name).Some Way to Make it Stop Played live in august.I Wanted to Say Not sure how this song is actually called, but ‘I Wanted to Say’ is the only phrase she repeats (at the end).Sad Song #10 Since we know Funeral Pyre is Sad Song #11 and there are only 9 songs on Sprained Ankle it begs the question what happened with number 10. This is a youtube clip from January 2015 with an unreleased song. I don’t know if this is Sad Song #10 but chronologically it makes sense. Apparently it didn’t make it unto Sprained Ankle (although it sounds really good) but who knows, it may reappear later on.Whenever I’m Alone Another contender for Sad Song #10 (I also read somewhere that Red Door is actually Sad Song #10). It’s a full band song that was shared under her name, it’s likely to be originally a Star Killers/Forrister song. This appeared on her Tumblr but the link doesn’t work anymore. You can still listen ito it since some hero uploaded it on dropbox.Bastard Child Can’t find any version of this song yet but it seems like she played a new song in Atlanta earlier this month which had a repeating lyric ‘Bastard Child’.As far as her own songs go, that’s what I could find, there are also videos of her covering songs out there and they seem without exception great. I saw her doing Accident Prone by Jawbreaker live which was absolutely stunning. She also covered Elliott Smith, Hank Williams, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service and Bruce Springsteen. Also she has covered the song Keep on the Sunny Side, a classic popularized by The Carter Family in 1928. She appears to have covered this song multiple times this year but I can’t find it on youtube.The thought that there is probably coming a new Julien Baker album next year is giving me butterflies in my stomach.
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