Integrating lyrics into the album listening experience?

Integrating lyrics into the album listening experience?
As I would assume most do, I have several “modes” for music listening. The first one is just me putting on my Spotify song library and hitting shuffle. Usually, I’ll do this if I’m looking for a particular vibe, but I’m not sure what the vibe is, if I’m looking to just absorb what I have collected, or if I’m driving and I just need something playing in the backround, maybe to help clear my thoughs.The second mode is album listening. I’m naturally able to immerse myself in an album without much effort at all, but my activities that I do while listening are what I find greatly inhibit the overall experience for me. In my experience, what I’ve found to be the most fulfilling way to listen to an album is listening while I’m doing a mundane task (98.5% of the time, this task is driving.) The other setting in which I’m able to listen to an album is when I’m in the presence of one other person. For reasons I can’t quite explain, If I’m sitting next to my friend or girlfriend and there’s no pressure to engage in conversation, I’m able to just sit back and listen to an album easily.However, this becomes a problem whenever complicated lyrics are involved. With majority of albums (that I listen to anyway) the lyrics and the music go pretty much hand in hand. You can probably guess what you’re getting into when you listen to Cannibal Corpse, and you’d probably be correct. However, with albums with more of a concept where the meaning isn’t immediately apparent, like most of Coheed and Cambria’s work, there needs to be a certain level of attention payed to the lyrics, otherwise a huge component of the overall experience is lost. When I’m listening to an album, I can’t be in a mode where I’m looking for instant gratification, which I usually get when I’m by myself at home browsing through YouTube. If I try to listen to an album in this mode, I’ll probably only make it to the third or fourth song and then give up and do something else. These jitters only get worse when I have to pay attention to the lyrics. I’ve always wanted to listen to Ayreon’s “The Human Equation because I like the songs that I’ve heard off of it so far, and one of my friends treats Ayreon like he’s God’s gift to mankind and I want to see what the hype is all about. However, I could never pull up the lyrics online and just read them to myself as the album progresses, because I would be paying too much attention to lyrical themes and would be missing out on musicality. Alternatively, if I were to just pay attention to the musicality, I would miss the intricate story told throughout the course of this album.So here’s my question to all of you, how do you integrate lyrics into your album listening experience, especially with concept albums? Are you able to absorb the lyrics and the music at the same time? Do you need to listen one time through for the music and one time through for the lyrics? Do you have any advice for me that would help me break the paradox and better integrate the lyrics into my album listening experience?
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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