I know we still have Snakes And Arrows to finish but I’m in a hard time and just need this album. It’s been do therapeutic to me and has helped more than any friend, family, anti-deprrssant, or therapist has and could ever.For all of these posts, I’m going to summarize their importance to the story so if you want to read the book do it now cause spoilers.Starting off is Caravan. Owen Hardy, a teenage apple farmer recently denied by his love, leaves his town via a Caravan at night unexpectedly. This is in a world where the Watchmaker runs everything to a t and all is planned. On the Caravan tp Crown City, he meets the Anarchist and learns of how all he learned is bullshit…or at least starts to. We’ll get into the Anarchist later.I don’t have time or battery to link the song (phone dying, class ending) but its a great start with a kickass solo section. So far so good!The lyrics are also rad af.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by affonity

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