Load Condensed Into Single Album?

Load Condensed Into Single Album?
I just re-listened to both Load and Reload last night and actually like them more than most, it seems…but one thing I think most of us can agree on is they’re too long and each has its share of ‘filler’ from the sessions. For example: even though “King Nothing” kicks ass in its slow chugging way, “Cure” sounds like a pretty lame re-write that follows not long after on Load. And though I like Load better, Reload might actually be more consistent but “Attitude” is definitely one of their worst songs. This is all subjective, of course but should be a general enough slew of opinions.Anyway, what songs would you put to make a solid concise single Load album? I’m sure this has been done before but this is to keep things fresh. For now, I would definitely put “The House That Jack Built”, “Until It Sleeps”, “King Nothing”, “Mama Said” (DWI), “The Outlaw Torn”, “Fuel”, “The Memory Remains”, “Devil’s Dance”, “Carpe Diem Baby” and “Low Man’s Lyric” on my personal tracklist.
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