Male 16 with female crush 16

Male 16 with female crush 16
This has been going on for months honestly, we both talking to each other, we’re both classmates who see eachother in all classes.I once admitted to liking her, she told me that she “used to like me”.I decided not to do anything and try just keep my mind off it. Her friend has helped me a lot by saying that she is unsure, she needs time to think.I get a snap from her friend “She likes you, I’ll talk to you later.”Later on she says “I asked her if she likes you and she said yes and smiled.”I said did you ask her? “She said, first today my friend said “yeah, she likes him” and then at the meeting, I asked her and she said she likes you and smiled”.I send her a snapchat video of a song. She sends a screenshot back with the song called “Cross my mind” by Arizona. I take a look at the lyrics etc. Does that mean anything?In class, we look at each other alot. Very much, it’s just that another boy who looks better with me she laughs and smiles and I kind of feel jealous and feel that she does not like me and rather someone else.I told her friend this and she insisted that she likes me and nobody else on class. She said “Others like her but she only likes you.”I honestly just need someone to tell me if she likes me or not, even though it may be obvious to you, it’s not to me. She doesn’t always respond to snapchats etc. too, but that’s like me saying “Cake boss is craazy.” then she doesn’t reply. Just wondering if that means she ignores me or doesn’t want to seem desperate?So this girl has been thinking alot and confused whether she likes me or not and at a point she did say she used to like me. Now yesterday her friend asked her if she liked me and she said yes and smiled, she asked because her other friend said “Yeah, she likes him.” But I am not really sure despite all the facts and her friend said it, her friend is very trustworthy and I have met her, she’s pretty good.Also, when I sent her a snap video of a song, she sent a screenshot of a song called “Cross my mind” by Arizona. Does this mean anything?Please help me by reading everything and if someone could help me via live chat, I will explain more thoroughly.
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Submitted by TheSanerOne

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