Niche band y’all might like

Niche band y’all might like
I’ve seen many people post what other bands they like, but they’re all names that we recognize and probably know we don’t like. For instance, I love Third Eye Blind, Eve 6, a little bit of Weezer, and starting to enjoy Sum 41.The band I’m suggesting to y’all is called Vanilla Sky. You may recognize the name because Mark was actually featured on one of their songs to sing a few lines (imo it’s not a strong song). Vanilla Sky is often compared to Yellowcard and blink, so I thought it was worth sharing.My two favorite albums of theirs are Waiting for Something and Fragile. Waiting for Something is an earlier album released in 2005 and probably is the most like blink-182. Fragile was released in 2010 and has a more unique sound to it. It’s softer and less punky, but still enjoyable. This album has two releases: an English and Italian one (because the band is from Rome).CoversJust Dance – Lady Gaga – Good cover. Spotify recommended me this cover and that’s how I discovered this band!Umbrella – Rihanna – I’m not a big fan of this cover. I may have liked it before, I got bored of it. I do like their sense of humor in the music video.A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton [2016 updated cover] – Both covers are amazing imo. I like the original cover’s instrumentals better, but the 2016 cover to have improved vocals and production. The original’s cover is a bit distracting because I believe the enunciation is a bit off.Their 2016 EP Punk is Dead includes more covers, including Italian songs (Gli Anni is my favorite)Waiting for SomethingSingle:Distance – Great song and pretty catchy. It’s one of my favorite tracks from the album.My favorites:Unfriend – Probably my favorite on the album — especially lyrically (“I won’t give up just to make you smile/And break all my dreams just to fill your glory”)Looking for Memories – a sadder sounding song. The lyrics reflect on a failed relationship and how the speaker copes with that.The Ghost Track – the hardest song on the record. It’s a song that sounds like it could be on Dude Ranch if blink performed this song.FragileSingles:Just Dance (already mentioned)Vivere Diversi / On Fire – It’s a more dramatic song for the album. I prefer the Italian version, but that’s the general theme with this band.My favorites:Cambiamenti / Changes – it’s great vocally and instrumentally. However, you may not like the second half of the song being a bunch of woah-ohs on top of the instrumentals. The instrumentals in this part is awesome imo.La Lettera / Elisa – this song is the biggest departure from rock in this album because it’s acoustic and a slow-dance kind of song.Hurt-a-Do! – one of the few strictly English songs. It sounds like it could be a track on TOYPAJ. I also like how you don’t really have to think about what the songs saying to know what’s going on.Other Songs:Zvenit Yanvarskaya Vyuga – don’t ask me how to pronounce this, but this is one of their poppier songs that I believe is a cover of a Russian song, but not sure.Goodbye – it’s a single off their 2007 album and it’s one of the better translated songs (Se Vuoi Andare is the Italian track). It’s the type of track you’d listen to when you first listened to a pop punk band.Have You Ever Seen The Rain? – it’s an awesome song from their demo album. It’s a somber song, and I’m kind of surprise it didn’t get moved to the full release (Waiting for Something)Anyway, this is my long post that doesn’t involve blink, but I thought you guys might enjoy this band since I know this sub likes talking about other bands they like. I also am posting this because I don’t really have a fanbase to geek out over it since they’re not well-known! The songs I selected really aren’t the only good songs. No song on Fragile is bad imo, so I recommend going there if you liked the songs I picked here. Do you guys have any lesser known bands you like?
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